Mano Nervosia!

Group Name: Skittles.  

Science surfers!

Water experiment!

Children are natural scientists.Always full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them. It is important to note that not much is needed to nurture your child’s curiosity. Join the Little Skittles today, as they learned about the empty and full concept. They were super anxious to pour water from one bottle to another. This might sound like a very easy experiment, but they were cognitively focused on discovering what happens in the bottle  and where the water was being transferred from. Discovering wonderful things about water could be so much fun.

So Mom and Dad, why don’t we try this at home? Let me use my hands all the time. It is good for the development of my fine motor skills and the good news is that water if readily available everywhere.

They also enjoyed making the sinking and floating experiment, aligning to the theme ‘opposites’. Most importantly, they learned that some toys carry weight and others are really light. So they sink right in the water. A great sensory play!

Tossing the ball game was awesome for the little ones. Here the teacher tossed a ball up in the air and any student who grabbed it took a turn to count the magic number of the day. The kids learned how to wait for their turns. They were excited to grab the ball and here they developed physical, emotional and social skills. This gave an opportunity for each kid to count in front of the whole class. Here their numeracy skills were boosted and well as being confident to speak and count before others.

Day and night are  good examples of opposites that they studied today. The teacher explained that during the day time the shiny sun shows up on a clear blue sky. During the Nighttime, comes with Mr.Moon, the bright stars in a dark sky. They also learn that night time is for sleeping and daytime is playing time.

Do you know that playing is very important to our little growing bodies?

Arabic Circle time was full of new ideas and they learned a lot and was some much fun. Skittles had a very nice circle time in Arabic with dancing, counting and matching opposites with their body acting.  Kids were so happy and enjoyed with this game.

Group Name: Pollys. 

A busy learning day for Pollys today. Learning about opposites had never been any funnier to study about than it was today.

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a happy face and sad face craft, sticking tiny eyes and mouth. Their creativity was boosted to the maximum.

Children love being given simple little roles of responsibility. In that light, front and back side of the giraffe was presented to them to engage in a simple activity that would have them sorting between “hello” and “goodbye”. During this activity kids were encouraged to use the describing words such as “hello” and “goodbye”. This activity was great to help them understand more about the world they live in.

‘My colorful world’ was a very good activity to develop kids’ motor skills.

Where should I put this ball?- kids wondered. This activity was fulfilled for kids and their little hands were very busy trying to find an appropriate circle. It was a great activity for their cognitive development. Also, their communication skills were put to work. It was great for as it kept their minds at work and a great sensory play for them. They learned how to assemble things together.

Arabic hour was very interesting and informative as kids learned about theme opposites. It was fun and educative for kids as they develop their language and communication skills. Children had an interesting time in Arabic class today, starting with reviewing letters  with examples, numbers and counting fingers with songs and then they playing a game of opposites.

Group Name: Seattles

Mano Nervosia!

This is an exciting Spanish game. It’s one of the best ever counting game for learning numbers in Spanish. It works in any language! So we did it in English. It is a lovely game because it teaches the actual numbers, instead of just rote counting.

Kids learned about big and small today.

Can you name a giant thing, a thing that’s really big? Yes! They shouted, pointing to the very big balls. Can you name an itty, bitty, tiny little thing? Yes! They shouted, pointing to the small pom pom balls.

Kids then had the responsibility of pasting the balls according to the sizes on the chart paper.

Which is heavier?

Kids were invited to pick up two items of different weights. As they did, they felt one as being difficult to carry and the other was easy to carry. This demonstration aims to help students link the concepts of quantity and heaviness as they were physically involved.

Mirror opposites!

Kids had Lego blocks and sheet of papers. With this, they had to put paint on one side of the paper. After doing that, kids were asked to close the papers after which they were asked to open and see how the opposite side looks like.

A really great day today….


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