Group Name: Skittles.  


Do you know the opposite of tall?

How about Short?

Today the little ones made a tall blocks tower and a small blocks tower to show their knowledge acquired about the theme ‘opposites’.Kids put together blocks as fast as they could.Here their fine motor skills were put to great work.

Their circle time was indeed interactive and they were happy to show signs of different opposites using their hands. The literacy class was about receiving phonic /a/ for Apple.Kids traced dotted lines to form up phonic /a/. Their little wrist muscles were put to work and they did an awesome job.

Space travelers!

Kids today solved a mystery about space moon rocks that erupts in outer space.They put together different materials including their favorite play dough and glitters. With the help of their teacher, the inquisitive kids mixed everything together and made amazing moon rocks.It was mind blowing to see the little rocks erupting,

Well done! Super cool astronauts in the making…

Skittles day always ends well with energetic games.Today they played the big and small themed games, where the big elephant was being chased by a small mouse.

We all know how the mouse and elephants differ in size.A good way to broaden our knowledge about opposites as well as our animal friends.

Group Name: Pollys. 

Children’s understanding of basic concepts is important in early years.They also help children to become more effective communicators.Today little Pollys learned about the tall and short concept.

 They had a visitors in our classroom. Tall mama and short baby came to play with us.”Tall mama, short baby” craft was also very educative for the little ones as they used their thinking skills in order to put all parts together.During this activity, their logical skills were boosted to the maximum.This was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills.

Great way to have kids enjoy their early years through learning and playing.

Kids played Circus game today. They were so active as they jumped very high trying to throw all circles on the sticks.This was a great way to exercise their little bodies and they were so much involved in order to put all the circles on their position. This game required a lot of concentration and it was great for boosting their physical, emotional and social skills.

Today at White fields nursery little Pollys explored the phonics world.A lot of letters were put in the colorful sand and they used their tiny hands to pick one.They were able to identify all the letters and they were so excited to show it to the teacher and classmates. This was to enhance their logical thinking skills.

The kids were so much involved and loved to try this lovely activity.. This was a great activity for their little minds as kids get to think and process instructions being given to them in order to get best results.

 Arabic lesson was also very interesting today.

Well done Pollys!

Group Name: Seattles

Building natural emotions!

Are you happy or sad?

Kids were involved in a socio-emotional practice of being happy or sad. They put the mouth of the face indicating if it was a happy face or a sad face. Activities like this help children explore feelings and develop a core, recognizing how other people feel when they are happy, sad, angry or lonely.

 Children’s understanding of basic concepts is important for early school. They did empty/full. They always remove and put balls during their play time but are not aware that it is a concept which will help them for advancement. Kids got to understand that basic concepts like empty and full will help them strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills, and enhance language development.

We enjoy science!

Science experiments give children an avenue to contemplate issues, think critically why some things give certain results. They learned about sink and float. Oranges were provided to kids. Some peeled and some were not peeled. Kids had a bowl of water to see what happens. They peeled orange sinks while the unpeeled floats. They had so much fun trying to get the unpeeled to sink.

Kids ended up with the revision of letter S during which they did some coloring.

A Busy day today….

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