Spring Camp-2017-Closing day.

Sports, whether team-based or individual, are great for children as they provide not just physical activity, but also help build children’s self-esteem, confidence, social skills and motivate them to excel in life. In recognition of the importance of sports in a child’s life, White Fields nursery celebrated its Sports Day for the spring camp.

During the fun-filled day, children along with their teachers participated in various games, drills and exercises. The day started with a pom pom dance by the little angels of the Nursery. Children participated in large numbers in engaging in games like badminton, soccer, basketball, bowling, table tennis which got the crowd cheering.

Which young kid could resist the pull of an outdoor adventure, and the promise of hidden treasure?

It was all about jellies!

We got four main locations; the bee house, a playhouse, the waterfall and a flower garden. We had arrows that showed the path to finding the treasure. This is a visual cue to reinforce simple directions. The crowd sat back watching the kids with excitement as they used the clues provided on the map to find the treasure.

Did you get an award?

The day ended with kids having an award. They got certificates for their hard work as well as trophies. This was to motivate kids and encourage them about such games.

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