The International Day!

What an International day celebration!

Such a celebration aims to attain a balance between bringing in children to a global outlook and teaching them about all cultures. International day is about celebrating the different cultures around the world and of course another excuse for children and staff to dress up in costume and sample a range of international foods.

White Fields nursery was proud to celebrate The International Day. This is always a special event, as we celebrate the cultural diversity within the nursery. This time around, we had children representing their respective countries, WOW! Where else in the world would you find this, but at White fields?

The nursery children enjoyed the food and the games the most, and the children of the Cute Skittles class could relate to and appreciate the differentiating, as well as the common factors of the various countries. All the children looked gorgeous, dressed up in their national costumes and the international cuisine was amazing. A very big thank you to all our wonderful parents for contributing such amazing food. We had kids with their passports ready to be stamped at the immigration. After which they had a parade of costumes according to their respective countries. It was a very special day and a good time for all.

We believe experiences like these will help children to grow to be more social with accepting people different from them, and cherish the similarities while appreciating the unique qualities of people across the world and to truly grow up to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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