Science Of Cooking!

Spring-A time to grow!

Spring camp- A time to broaden our horizons!

Spring camps do provide children the opportunities they need to catch up and interact with our friends both big and small. Here at White Fields, we have structured and unstructured activities that will provide children with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow and stretch their creativity to new heights. How exciting it was today for the kids as they enjoyed making a big circle in order to sing their favorite songs, dance, as well as jump to inspire movement and to develop gross motor skills and body & mind awareness.

Hurray! We did it!

We also provide a connection to nature by simply playing games outdoors with friends. Today they had a basket tied around their waist. The kids exercised their little muscles by jumping and running as fast as they could to reach the finish line. They dropped the balls they were carrying in their baskets and rushed back.

A  Nutritionist? A doctor?

The art and science of cooking!

Whichever you want, kids are given the skills to equip them at White Fields Nursery. Most children have phases during childhood when baking or cooking is a keen interest. This natural curiosity provides the teachers at White Fields with the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a great learning experience–the art and science of cooking. Today we made fruit decoration with skewers. The kids made lemonade and some others had fruit salad. Kids were encouraged by their teachers to always eat yummy fruits to enhance their growth and to keep healthy. It was lovely to see the kids enjoy the barbecue they made. They were equipped with practical skills.

Create an opportunity under your supervision for them to practice these basic life skills at home. We saw a sparkle in the little eyes, as they enjoyed the activity in the Nursery.

and you too don’t miss to see the sparkle in the little eyes …

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