Yummy Fruit Pizza!

White Fields Nursery wishes Master. Abdulla Al Kurd a Blessed and a very Happy Birthday.

It’s Exercise time!

Kids need to be fit for the same reasons adults do: to improve their health and make sure that their bodies can do what they need them to do. Regular exercise helps kids grow, build strong muscles and bones, enhances the development of various motor performance skills and boosts self-esteem. It was fun for Seattles, Pollys and Skittles to exercise during the morning time.

How do I toss the ring?

Kids enjoyed moving through obstacles to toss a ring to some sticks. Absolutely,  play is crucial for a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. As our kids grow, their play will become more imaginative and complex. Through play, they exercise key skills and qualities, such as independence, creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving.

Learning life skills!

It is never too early to teach kids the proper way to set the table. Eating is one of our kids’ all-time favorite activities. In order to let them get an idea , we started with supplies for one table setting so that kids can begin by learning how to set their own place for dinner. The other table was empty. Each of the following items was presented and called out to the kids so that they could get the proper names; dinner plate, drinking cup, napkin, fork,  spoon and table knife. Kids stood by the dinner table so they could place the pieces in the correct spot for their own table setting. It was an awesome experience for them.

What a delicious springtime dessert!

This simple and delicious recipe was a wonderful springtime dessert that kids of all the ages enjoyed making. They were all dressed up like chefs and  followed the steps demonstrated by the teacher. We had the kids take turns using the sliced fresh fruit to create a pleasing pattern – circular designs are a simple yet beautiful way to create a truly fabulous fruit pizza! A yummy fruit pizza was made.

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