Sea in a Bag!…

Ready for another exciting day?

Warm up….

Come on! Let’s start the day with exercise!

Little Skittles, Pollys and Seattles were busy today.

Exploring about ocean life was very much interesting. The kids learned about different kinds of big and small sea animals.

Do you want to have a look at the life in the sea? 

Kids put their hands together and they made a sea in a bag.  WOW…. They were so happy to see their very own sea bag craft. This was a great activity to learn about their world around them and to improve their creative skills.

The kids were excited to count the creatures they could see in the sea. This was a great sensory play as they also learned about the sea world. This activity also enhanced social skills in kids as they communicated with one another.

The little explorers were on an amazing venture to learn more about the world in the beautiful ocean. They were dressed up as crabs and they demonstrated the crab walk. It was so much fun for them because when touching on the target line they were able to win a reward. It was interesting to listen to the story about crabs.

The kids learned that living things live under water and life exists there as well. 

A Great Spring Camp experience….

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