Coffee Filter

Today little Pollys, Skittles and Seattles were very busy.

They moved to the rhythm of their favorite songs and it was wonderful to start the day on that way.

The young Pollys and Seattles scientists went on a great adventure to explore the world of colors. How about if we make a Dyed coffee filter experiment?

Easy and fun Science project, using coffee filters, markers, and water!

With the help of the teachers, the little scientists made a super colorful experiment which seemed so amazing for them. The little ones love, easy to set up activities and they love color mixing and color theory – it is like art and crafty magic!

Let’s explore what happens when you mix the different colors!

Wow… We get different colors. Color magic?

They had a lot of questions in their little minds…

This was a great sensory play for their little hands as well as developing their Scientific, cognitive and fine motor skills.

At the same time, little Skittles made a Water filtering experiment.

They learned about water filtration systems with this easy science project.

Kids used dirty water that they put it in the filter and guess what happened? – The water became clean again. This activity was very educative for kids and their social, communication and language, scientific skills were put to work.

Creativity was at its best when the little hands of Pollys and Seattles made a butterfly craft. It looked great and the children were quite proud of their artworks. Kids are creative in their small world they live in.

During their Art and craft class, little Skittles made spring cap and spring tiara. This activity was great to promote creativity.

Spring is time to enjoy and play too.

They had outdoor games and activities to play, which they enjoyed and of course, play is important for the young minds and growing bodies too. A lot of balloons filled with colors were presented to kids and they tried to break balloons and every time when they did it, different colors were scattered all around. Kids did it again and again while their friends encouraged them.

This was a good way to learn how to work as a team and to acquire cooperation skills.

Learning through playing was really very fun today!

A Memorable Spring camp experience…


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