Spring Camp at White fields nursery focuses on the STEM-Learning through innovative activities… 

An exercise in the morning is  good for the mind and body. They did a lot of exercises and their physical development was boosted to the maximum.

The kids very excited as they had a Blocks challenge game. A lot of blocks of different colors were presented to them and they chose the correct color to build a big tower. Their tiny hands were so occupied and their eyes sparkled. This game helped them, to develop their social skills as well as their communication and language skills and they really enjoyed. That was a challenging activity to compete with others.

After that the kids had a balloon race and it was interesting for them as they should  hold  the balloon between legs jumping throw soft shapes ( triangle, rectangle, and square ). Isn’t the best way to learn about the shapes?

Who told jelly beans is  for tasting only?

We are innovative…

Little Skittles, Pollys and Seattles also had  great indoor activity and they were able to build  different shapes using Jelly beans. Such an interesting and educative day for the little ones.

Second day of Spring camp was awesome…


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