A Warm Welcome-SPRING CAMP.

White Fields Nursery wishes ‘A Happy and a blessed’

4th Birthday to Baby. Anaiah Rawat…

Spring is a season of growth and prosperity!

A warm Welcome to the season of growth- ‘Spring’.

Today at White Fields nursery the kids celebrated the start of Spring and their ‘SPRING CAMP ‘ too…

Our day started with a warm up exercise and the kids really enjoyed as they danced to their favorite songs. It was a day full of games and little adventurers didn’t want it to end.

I can run faster than you!

The kids enjoyed racing games. They were put in pairs and had to race with a ball. The pair which puts the ball first is the winner. This was a great activity for them to socialize with new friends and to learn team spirit.

Party time! Sounds great! And that too in White Fields it is always special.

The kids were amazed to see a plenty of candies and were more than ready to get it.

Dance game was appropriate for this competition. Let’s dance and when the music stops try to find a chair for you…

We felt super nice today… How about you?

And a lot is waiting for us to enjoy in Spring Camp…

Wait for us until tomorrow…

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