Can we make a Rainbow?

White Fields Nursery wishes ‘A Happy and a blessed’

2nd Birthday to Master. Aakse Xevan


4th Birthday to Master. Christian Labbad…

Group Name: Skittles.  

Sports! Sports!

This theme is one of the most vital one in the preschool.

Children learn positive life lessons through sports and there is no doubt that they will become honest, reliable adults, who will try to help others in need at any moment if they learn and master the rules and regulations of the sport.

Today during their Bean Masters class the little ones were introduced to the sports theme. They did matching and counting of sports t- shirts with numbers in a sequence. Here they played soccer, volleyball and basketball and their numeracy and Physical, Social and Emotional skills were enhanced. During the Numeracy class, tracing of number 10 and continuous counting was done well.

Kids also made a bat and ball craft. Always the  kids love and enjoy any bat and ball game, for they get the chance to stretch their bodies.

They showed their creativity in arts and craft.

Group Name: Pollys. 

The kids were so excited when the teacher introduced the theme of the week.



Equal to the mental exercise, physical exercise is also important in the early years. It was fun today as the little Pollys played basketball. Running with a ball and putting the ball in the basket was so exciting. This remains an ideal game for kids with varying skills because everyone gets the chance to do it. This activity was great because it provided an opportunity for kids to strengthen their physical skills and enhance their social, emotional and language development.

Exploring the space is really great.

Kids were so involved as they made a big space rocket for their exciting journey. This activity was great, as it kept their minds at work and a great way to know about space. With full of curiosity in the eyes of the little Pollys, they wondered what are they going to see in the space while they were exploring the nine planets.

During Phonic class kids learned about letter “r”.

They enjoyed designing a rainbow. They were able to identify all the colors of the rainbow. This was to enhance their logical and thinking skills. This was to encourage them in language development, as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.

A great activity for Pollys as they were performing with their hands and their minds were led to wonder. It was educative for children as they mixed sensory play with communication and language. They had  Ballet and they exercised their bodies. They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

Group Name: Seattles

It’s sports week.

Exercise, enjoy and learn!

Playing educative games with kids help to acquaint them with “life lessons” and to practice valuable social skills. These games also afford them the opportunity to sharpen certain academic skills. It’s our sports week and kids have the opportunity to exercise as much as they want to. The kids had  rings of different colors. They had a cone, which was made out of orange and some numbers pasted on it. Kids were given the opportunity to toss a cone with the ring which they were holding and call out the number which they could toss. This activity was educative and fun for them.

Science activities give them the opportunity to think critically as well as trying to provide solutions. Kids had shaving foam which they used with some food colors to bring out a beach ball design. They had to mix the foam with the food color and do some decorations with chart papers.

It’s story time!

Listen! Listen!

Kids had fun as well as built their communication skills by listening to stories being narrated by the teacher.

Play is the main source of learning in early years.

And today we played, but we learned.

A Playful day….

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