Ballet Shaking Off!…

Group Name: Skittles  

Kids started the day with an indoor game.

Tossing the colorful rings on matching colorful number boxes was exciting. Kids were happy to put their target skills to practice. Tossing involved ‘aiming at the best and achieving it’ and thus the cognitive and fine motor skills were developed.

Reduce! Recycle! Reuse!

Knowledge about Sorting of Waste is very important for kids to keep a clean and safe environment. Today the kids tried to sort cans, empty bottles and papers. They learned what can be recycled and reused. Here different trash bins were given to the little one in colors like green, red and yellow. Kids now know that the next time they find a number of waste bins lined up in one corner, they have to be careful where to dump the particular waste they have at hand.  It is great to see the kids spreading words to keep a clean environment. That was a wonderful activity to learn about the world they live in.

Have you ever seen cardboard slippers?

Little Skittles today, reduced a cardboard box to the size of slippers, and they used threads and pipe cleaners to make slipper laces. They colored them nicely using their expressive arts and design skills. Great way to learn more about the recycling in the world they live.

During the Numeracy hour, kids traced number nine on paper using pencils. Here they improved their fine motor skills. Also, their counting and concentration levels were improved because they had to follow small dotted lines on paper.

Ballet class was so lively and most importantly, their little bodies were exercised to the fullest and it was great for their Physical development.

Group Name: Pollys 

Kids are very special creators of their small world they live in.

During their Lego class, the kids made their own towers by putting different kinds of shapes together and they built amazing structures. This was a great activity for the little ones as they enjoyed playing with tangible items. This activity provided children with a wonderful opportunity to learn, interact and stimulate their creativity.

During their Phonic class kids traced letter “h”.

They all started by choosing their favorite color.Their fine motor, literacy, language and communication skills were enhanced.This was great to practice pencil control on paper.

Two of the recycled robot friends visited us today and the kids fed them. They learned about different kinds of foods they eat because it is very important for them to learn about them before they fed the robots. Kids learned about sorting as they fed one robot with  plastics, while other was eating only papers. They boosted their social skills and was great to know about the world. What an awesome way to learn more about recycling! The kids had a review of numbers by playing a game.

They had numbers one to eight on the plastic bottles as well as some written numbers on the other side of the playground. Children moved from one side to the other while their friends encouraged them. This was a good way to learn how to work as a team and to acquire cooperation skills. Kids were happy to put all the bottles on the correct number.They learned about numbers through playing and their numeracy skills were enhanced.

It was a great day as the little Pollys had  Ballet hour and they exercised their bodies. They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

Group Name: Seattles

Star Wars!

It’s a start of a new school day and they had a round of star wars played  among the Seattles kids. Children ran from the light sabers and others traveled to the moon in space. This was a good art experience and science explorations.

Seattles love being given simple little roles of responsibility and it gives them a great sense of achievement when they complete a given task. In that light, materials of different sizes were presented for them to engage in a simple activity that would have them sorting between big and small. During this activity, kids were encouraged to use the describing words such as “big” and “small”. This was a great activity to help them understand more about the size and how they can be described.

How heavy?

Kids can begin learning about measurement in terms of simplified comparisons: “heavy” and “light”. A balance scale was made and different materials were provided for the kids to see which can make the scale go down or stay at the same position. After putting the items, kids were given the opportunity to reflect on what they did. This activity starts to develop the skill of critical thinking in kids.

Smash those cans as fast as you can!

A great way to recycle soda cans and plastic bottles was by letting kids run and smash them for their outdoor play of today. It was a valuable view of entertainment today for kids. This activity also helped to develop the small motor muscles in their legs.

The kids ended the day with Ballet shaking off, after a busy day!

A Wonderful, active week…


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