The Robot Man

White Fields Nursery wishes a Happy and a blessed 2nd Birthday to Master. Eliyahu Solomon Jr and 4th Birthday to the Steiler twins Patrick and Oliver

Group Name: Skittles  

Toss the Ball!

Throw the ball!

And shoot!

The kids had fun playing recycled ‘cans and bottles’  bowling today. They collected empty mineral water and empty cans of juices and soda. They put them together and made a bowling ground in the class. It was great for them to watch their friends playing, and their confidence level was boosted, as each child waited for his or her turn. A good way to enhance our Physical, Social and Emotional Development.

In Literacy review class, kids had a great knowledge push up as they learned about phonic /s/. For vocabulary practice today, they learned that a number of items used in their daily classroom activities that start with phonic/s/ including the famous star, sun, and Saturn. They further traced phonic /s/ for sun,  for further improvement of their fine motor skills.

Kids also played a hand soccer game. This game normally has two players on a  toy football pitch. There is always a ball that has to be tossed from one goal post to another. This activity was good for their cognitive development and it improves kids’ concentration whilst playing and their motor skills are enhanced.

Group Name: Pollys 

One little, two little, three little rabbits… where are you?

Little Pollys were super excited to meet the eight tiny rabbits running around and hiding from them during their Bean Masters class. This was a good activity to develop their numeracy skills and communication and language too. Learning about numbers was interesting today. Kids enjoyed learning about the world of numbers by doing some hopping with bunnies. It was great to recognize the numbers and to develop numeracy skills.

Fine motor skills were put to use during World Wanderers class. Little Pollys painted Turkish flag and it was really very exciting.They learned about the colors of the flag. Kids definitely had a wonderful time learning more about the world we live in.

They took part in the more exciting Gym class today. This was good for their brains and general healthy development.

It was so much fun to build their first recycled play garden as a way of getting acquainted with the recycling. The kids were super excited to explore the garden in order to find their favorite toy. Their tiny hands were very active trying to find a missing toy.

This was so aimed to boost their knowledge about recycling and to know more about the world and to enhance their fine motor skills. This activity was good to improve their social skills.

It was great listening to a story narrated by the teacher. Listening to stories is an extremely good practice because it boosts their language and communication skills.

Arabic class was fantastic today. They learned about triangle shape.They designed a tree craft with 3 Triangles. Also, they reviewed the numbers.

Group Name: Seattles

Colors everywhere!

This World is colorful… isn’t?

Colors are a part of everyday life.  They revised colors often because it is considered a milestone for a child’s cognitive processing. The kids had some water bottles which were designed to be like a train of different colors. They had different colors in front of them to sort out based on the train passing in front of them. Kids found pleasure driving the train.

Little World Wanderers studied the Turkish map. They had red sheets of papers in which they pasted the moon and the star. Preschool multicultural lessons like this enable kids to have an idea about the world’s perspective.

Kids had fun playing with a robot man who was made out of a carton and used plastic bottles. That robot man was programmed with some holes for kids to try putting some colored balls through. Robotics is a simple way of introducing information technology to preschoolers.

Kids revised counting numbers by counting some tissue rolls, empty cans according to the numbers which were presented to them. A fun way to revise numbers.

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