Let’s play Mini Golf…

White Fields Nursery wishes Baby. Shanaya Sooraj and Mast. Eliah Niemack a very happy 4th Birthday.
Group Name: Skittles.
World Wanderers! On a mission to travel around the world ….
Today the amazing Skittles landed in Istanbul the biggest city in Turkey.
They visited a certain farm and they were taught how to prepare rice at harvest time. The rice was put on a big stone for pounding to remove the rice from the pod and this job is always done by the gentlemen, while the Turkish ladies do the sorting and cleaning of the rice and prepare it for their families for meal time. This was great for learning more about the world we live in.

Memories mixed with recycling.
Kids made a recycled photo frame using cardboard and old short pencils. They made them in shapes like squares and triangles, glued them neatly and there after they painted them with preferred colors like green, purple and red.Here they showed their expressive arts and design.

They also reviewed phonic /s/ vocabulary and tried to recall how to write the phonic /s/ under the supervision of the teacher.This is to enhance their language, communication and literacy skills.

Group Name: Pollys.

Their day started with Mini golf and kids absolutely enjoyed the game. They had a lot of balls on their playground and this kept their mind refreshing as they played “Chose correct color” game. Kids were happy to put all the balls in the correct hole. They were so much involved and loved to be a part of this game.
This was great activity for their little minds as kids get to think and process instructions being given to them, in order to get the desired results.They learned about numbers by playing, and their numeracy skills were enhanced.

One circle sitting on the other?
Yes … it is number 8!
Numeracy class was all about number 8. During this class kids made a beautiful number 8 craft, using recycled paper. Children used their creative skills to put all parts together. This was a fun way to review numbers and to enhance their numeracy skills.

During this activity kids revised counting, as they counted the eggs marked with numbers 1 – 8, while filling the empty spaces.A bowl filled with sand was full of numbers and kids were asked to find the correct number and put in the box. That was a wonderful sensory play for them. This gave them opportunity to make choices and they got to know and explore different numbers.This activity was creative and it improved their sense of recognition of numbers for the kids.Kids language development, cognitive growth and fine motor skills were put on work during this sensory play and their numeracy skills were highly boosted.

Kids had a great time during their dance class.
They stretched their little bodies and it was good physical exercise to keep them healthy and fit.

Group Name: Seattles.

Conserve your environment!
Craft projects provide children with a wonderful opportunity to learn, interact and stimulate their creativity. They used environment friendly craft materials, like the egg carton to make a beautiful flower. This also deliver messages of responsibility and environmental awareness as they see this material around their homes. Kids painted to make it have a beautiful color. Kids now know that every material in their environment is useful in one way or the other.

Which material can we recycle and reuse?
Kids created their own buildings with various materials which were being giving to them. Building materials like cans, tissue rolls, tissue cartons were decorated and given to kids to create their own designs. Kids compared the materials they used and were all interested in trying out the different building materials available. The kids got lots of fine motor and problem solving practice during their construction.

Kids had a review of phonics by playing a game. They had phonics on the chart paper as well as some cups with phonics on it. They had to identify and cover the letters based on the letters on their cups.

During the Arabic class kids reviewed number 1 and 2 and they were introduced to number 3. They also learned a new song and found pleasure dancing with their teacher.

A interesting learning day today…


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