Group Name: Skittles.
Space travel!
Kids absolutely enjoyed their Space Travelers class, which was super lively. Pretending that they were in the outer space and riding with their rocket, they were all amazed and they were eager to ride on it. The little astronauts were on a mission to ride a rocket and this made them inquisitive to put their cognitive skills to work and made their imaginary rocket fly. Two by two stood by the rocket, pushed the rocket and off it went to the outer space. This was so ‘Wooooowiiiing’ to their little eyes.

During their expressive and design class, kids made a beautiful rabbit craft using recycled plastic bottle. They used their creative skills to give him eyes, nose, long ears, sharp teeth to help him enjoy his carrot. Kids put a handle on their craft for easy carriage and this will serve as their pencil holder.

At the end of the day the little ones were happy to take it home to show their parents and also to pass on the knowledge to their siblings. Well done little recyclers!
Always remember to recycle, reduce and reuse.

For their outdoor activity kids had fun, playing at the Plymouth Recycling Center. Kids learned that recycling helps save the planet from contagious things. They segregated the garbage into; paper, plastic and can. They know how to be aware of the things that could happen if they dispose off the garbage in a bad way. They were sensitized about the use of garbage trucks in our community.

During their numeracy class, kids traced number “9”. This is to improve their counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.

The French class was interactive and educative. Kids reviewed numbers 1{un}, 2 {deux}, 3 {trois}.
Now the Little Skittles know how to say “Bonjour” to mean “Hello” and “Au Revoir” to mean “Goodbye”.
Linguistics in the making.
Bravo Kids!

Group Name: Pollys.
Let us recycle!
Don’t throw that plastic bottle away.
Kids were so happy, learning about recycling today.
Their teacher told them that lots of things like cans, bottles, papers and cardboard can be recycled into any other useful things. Little Pollys were amazed to see the recycling process.
To enhance their knowledge about recycling the kids played a recycled basketball. They were so active, as they jumped very high trying to throw all plastics in one bin, while other bin was reserved for the paper things.
That was a great way to exercise their little bodies and they were so much involved in order to put all the things in the bins They took part in the game with lot of concentration and it was great for boosting their physical, emotional and social skills.

It is important for the kids to understand the basic concepts in their early years. They also help children become more effective communicators.
Today little Pollys learned about full and empty concept.
They had a toy box FULL of balls and they were ready to play. But the box was turned over and all the balls were out and suddenly the toy box was EMPTY.
Look… There is a glass full of water and you can drink it.
So after this game Pollys were very thirsty and they drank all the water and the glass became empty. This was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills. Also, their Physical, Social and Emotional skills were boosted.

Kids enjoyed tracing letter “h” with a ribbon.
They were so much involved in order to put the ribbon in the position shown by the teacher This helped the kids to develop their concentration and improve their focus as well.

And the plastic bottles can take a different form as well…
Science in a plastic bottle with a magic car sounds interesting…
This was an awesome air pressure science experiment.
Children had so much fun and they really wondered what will happen?
While their balloon was big, their car was moving very fast, but as soon as balloon was empty their car was not moving anymore. During this activity the kids eyes sparkled Everybody got a chance to make the car to move and this was a good interactive activity for the advancement of motor skills as well as the Science skills.
A Science activity like this encourages creativity and boosts their communication and social skills.
And now we know… our recycling mission in not impossible.
In fact, it was very simple: Don’t throw away anything that can be recycled!

Group Name: Seattles.
Seattles began their day with some exercises, and they had fun during their cycle time as they danced round and round after which they sat in a circle and did some review of phonics and numbers.
Environment awareness!
Kids do learn to recycle. They practiced recycling the materials so that they learn how to contribute to the earth in which they live in. As the kids learn about recycling they become environment friendly In that light, kids enjoyed a sensory play of filling egg cartons with cotton and pom pom balls. During this activity kids revised counting as they counted the pom pom balls, while filling the empty spaces. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.
Recycled art was very interesting. Some squares were covered already with some used chart papers and some were left open, uncovered for the kids to identify and put some paints on it. This was a great way to teach kids identification and accuracy. It teaches how fast a child can make some differences and make use of it.
Numeracy class was fun as kids revised number /8/. During this activity each kid had an individual number /8/ and they were given sheets of papers to paste it on. Kids went on to give number eight some little eyes.
Arabic Class was awesome as they revised colors and did some revision of numbers. Kids then had fun singing and chanting a son in Arabic with their teacher.


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