Reduce! Recycle ! Reuse!

Group Name: Skittles 




Today has been great. Kids had fun pretending to be at a restaurant enjoying and counting sponge French fries, awesome recycling idea for the sponge, chart paper and crepe paper. Some of them were chefs, cashiers and customers in a prominent White Fields Restaurant. Kids favorite snack, potato fries were available during their Bean Masters class for counting and enhancing their numeracy and fine motor skills.

During the Expressive Arts and design hour, skittles creatively made a recycled plastic bottle cup (Day one). They cut magazines, stuck the pieces in the plastic bottle and they painted them to beautify their art piece. Watch the space for day two of their recycling project.

Tracing phonic / s/ for sun and snake was done excellently during their literacy class. Kids were happy to trace neatly expressing their fine motor skills.

Physical exercises are good for the growing bodies to keep fit and healthy. Kids had a great time during their gymnastics session. They were stretching, bending, jumping and hopping exercises that were good enough to build strong muscles. Great way to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

In the Arabic class, kids were happy to review the different primary colors (red, yellow, green).

Group Name: Pollys

Circle time for Pollys was very interactive today.

They learned about the big and small concept. They were asked to name big and small letters in the classroom.

Ready for space travel today?

Let`s learn and explore the space.

Their space travel was super exciting. Kids showed their expressive arts and design when they made a gigantic Mr. Alien. It was a lovely journey to space. They were little astronauts and they had so much fun. Asking children to voice out their thoughts gives the opportunity for them to practice reasoning skills.

During literacy class, kids made a craft phonic /h/ for helicopter. They were happy to make this sensory activity to learn the letter “h”. Great way to enjoy their early years through learning and playing. Here they showed their creative skills and also their literacy skills were enhanced.

Kids used the plastic cups to recognize the letters. Some letters were written on the chart paper, for kids to cover the letter when called out. That was a great way to practice literacy skills. The kids took a cup with a letter and placed it on the written letter following the instructions of the teacher. This was a good interactive play for the advancement of motor skills. They were so much involved in order not to put the cup on a different letter, other than the one shown by the teacher. This activity required a lot of concentration and it helped them to enhance their focus.

“Hit the letter with a plane” was our outdoor game for today and it was great as children were super active.Everybody got the chance to run as fast as they can and let the plane fly through the circles.They all started by making it ready to fly by giving some details using their little fingers.Their fine motor, literacy, language and communication skills were enhanced.This activity made them very excited as they tried to put all the planes in the circles and their mind were so occupied. This was good to develop their thinking skills.

During their French class, kids reviewed Un (1) and Deux (2) and they were also introduced Trios (3).

Group Name: Seattles

Don’t Throw That Away!

We can recycle!

Seattles had fun learning about recycling today and how recycling can help save people like the monster that was very hungry. Kids were told that instead of having our plastic containers making their way to the ocean, talk to them about how we can recycle it by making it as a food for the garbage monster. You can keep that trash and reuse it in all kinds of wonderful ways!

About recycling, kids sorted colors using their old arts and craft chat papers, their empty juice containers, tissue box, and colorful plastics which they had thought will go to the garbage after use as usual. They were all happy to know that these same papers and other garbage materials can help them learn about colors.

Cans do float?

Kids had a fun science experiment. It was all about floating cans. Some cans had juice in them why others did not have anything inside. This kept their mind wondering why some cans floated and some didn’t float when put in water. Kids had the cans placed in water. They tried to make the floating cans go beneath like the others, but it didn’t go. This was creative and mind refreshing for them as they learned this new concept of floating and sinking.

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