Can you pull the turnip?

Group Name: Skittles  

Enormous Turnip story!

Presented by the Skittles Class!

The old man planted the turnip seeds and after a while, an enormous turnip sprouted from the soil. Wow!

Soon it was time to harvest and it was too big that he couldn’t get it out by himself. So he called all his family, pets and friends to help him.

Pull! Pull! Pull!

And soon the turnip was out. Moral of the story is teamwork solves problems. This was for their language and communication session, and they had so much fun.

Crazy designers today made a vegetable tower one of its kind. Hurray!

Kids used slices of their favorite vegetables like cucumber, carrots, capsicum, tomatoes and they built a tall tower, which came out nicely.They put their cognitive and fine motor skills to work.

Going on a bear hunt!

They went for a classroom bear hunt following footprints, with numbers written on them. Kids were happy to find the bear hiding in his Lego house. They learned about numbers through playing, and their numeracy skills were enhanced. They further painted number nine using cotton balls and clips. The kids did well and their fine motor skills and numeracy skills were boosted.

Kids showed their expressive arts and design when they made a turnip craft using purple color,  and brown to show the soil where the vegetables grow.

Ballet class was incredible, kids loved it because it was so much fun for them and mind relaxing. Ballet enhances focus in little minds, and kids learn to pay attention to the group and their body movements. This, in the long run, boosts their confidence, strength and flexibility.

Group Name: Pollys 

What a day full of fun for the little Pollys, as they explored the vegetable world.

The kids had a chance to run with a huge vegetable that moves from one place to another. This game was an awesome exercise for their muscles, holding friends’ hands backward while racing, was great. They focused and exercised their entire bodies while playing with friends.This was good for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

Pollys used Lego in various ways. Today they used to make a big vegetable garden. Their tiny hands were so busy by identifying the vegetables and hand it over to the teacher. This activity was apt to build up selective attention in them, as they tried to listen carefully for their own vegetable to be called out.

Children used their little hands to explore the magic box today.Pollys were active learners as they took ownership of letters and placing the photos according to the phonic boxes.Kids had letters s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, h placed on a chart paper. Several photos were presented to them in order to find corresponding phonic in front of them.This activity promoted higher level critical thinking skills and it was an activity to improve their literacy skills.

Learning through play is good for the kids because they are able to retain the things they learn and also develop a positive attitude towards learning. Kids also learned how to control their pencil by coloring a hat on sheets of papers given to them. This activity was great for developing their hand-eye concentration as well as their visual control.

Group Name: Seattles

To wrap up our vegetable theme, The kids had lots of fun manipulating the vegetables today.

Easy paper vegetable basket. During the expressive arts and design period, different vegetables were drawn and cut out on construction paper. Kids had some decorative baskets in which they glued their craft vegetables on. This activity was great for the development of fine motor coordination skills.

What did you get?

A Fruit or a vegetable?

Kids sorted out vegetables and fruits. This was an opportunity for them to learn more about healthy foods. A garden of vegetables and fruits were placed before the kids and they took turns in order to differentiate which is a fruit and which is a vegetable. This gave them the opportunity to make choices and solve differences as they get to know and explore different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Where are you off to?

A lovely journey to space, as the kids had their own space costumes decorated. They tried it on and took a journey into space. They were little Astronauts. They had so much fun putting on the costumes and telling their friends goodbye.

The kids ended with a phonic guessing game. They picked up a paper plate and called what letter they could find inside.

An excited week …

Happy Weekend everyone…

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