Ms. Decelyn-Floating in the Air

Group Name: Skittles 

Good start of the day!

The day kicked off with their amazing dance class. The kids were extremely happy to dance, wiggle and stretch to dance moves, following our dance instructor. It was so energetic for their little bodies to move to great dance moves.

Grow, grow and develop physically with all friends around, Little Skittles.

Science surfers!

Magic at its best! Magic erupting vegetable plate!

Kids mixed vinegar, food color, and baking soda and they made a magical volcanic vegetable plate. The teacher encouraged all the kids to eat the vegetables so that they will be super healthy. Awesome way to learn Science concepts and to know about the world. 

Kids did it so well! Well done kids!

Kids also made a footprint carrot craft using their tiny feet. They were happy to make a sensory activity to learn more about the mega eye medicine – Carrot. Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

During their Literacy class, they made a craft phonic /d/ for dinosaur craft. Kids gave him eyes, a tail and a big head with eyes. Here they showed their expressive arts and design and also their literacy skills were enhanced.

Their Arabic class was great and they had a review about letter /r/ and number 2.

Group Name: Polly

Another busy day for our Pollys…

The Gym class was so good today and they had a great workout. It was a good exercise to start their day. That was to improve their physical development.

Do you know all the shapes?

During our Bean Master class, little Pollys made a gigantic carrot. Kids used the vegetable to recognize the numbers and the shapes. They enjoyed counting and identifying the shapes. Numbers were written on the parts of the carrot and the kids had to put the correct number on the corresponding shape in order to make carrots whole. This was a cool activity and it made them recall what they have learned.

During this activity, the children enjoyed designing the triangle, square and circle carrot. It was their carrot day. This was to enhance their logical thinking skills.

Egg relay…

This was a perfect outdoor activity because children were very active. Everybody got the chance to put the egg on the spoon and run to reach the target line. This was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts. This was an activity to boost the Physical, Social and Emotional Development as well, as they played taking turns.

In Arabic session, they learned a new letter – letter Ra (R).

Today little Pollys visited beautiful Turkey.

Their World Wanderers adventure was really very excited. It was an amazing experience for them as they were interested to know about Turkish traditional clothes. This activity enhanced social and literacy skills in kids as they communicated with each other. They also engaged themselves in preparing Turkish coffee…

An amazing way to learn more about the beautiful world they live in.

Group Name: Seattles

How fast can you drop the pegs in your pit?

Interesting traditional Turkish Mangala game!

Kids played the traditional game today. Mangala was played on a (2×7) Mangala board (i.e., 2 rows of 7 pits). A kid takes all the pieces from his store and drops them one at a time into the following pits counterclockwise. This was a good physical interaction play for the advancement of motor skills.

What color could you reach out to?

Kids had a dice to throw as far as they could, to any of the numerous colors placed on the floor. They were excited to throw and call it out loud to their friends.  An educational game such as this encourages creative expressions from the kids. Such games can also help with nurturing self-esteem and self-acceptance, and they inspire a greater connection between personality and activity.

Decorative phonic!

Kids enjoyed decorating the letter /h/. They were so much involved in order not to put the flowers in a different position other than the one shown by the teacher. When kids often do activities like this with so much concentration, and it helps to improve focus and lengthen their attention span.

Building my endurance!

Kids enjoyed running with balloon in-between their legs. Running helps build endurance in kids and offers kids the sense of freedom and the sense of reward and achievement when they finish.

Kids ended the day with a vegetable puzzle.

Another healthy, playful learning today…


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