Wooden Horse of Troy!

Group Name: Skittles  

All on board!

 Fasten your seat belts!

 Little Skittles are ready for the adventurous World Wanderers class.

They landed in Turkey, which is located both in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe.

They found an interesting landmark called the Wooden Horse of Troy. Kids were happy to ride on a wooden sculpture with friends. They learned about the colors of the Turkish flag.  A good way to learn more about the amazing world they live in. On their venture, they discovered a traditional number game of the Turkish people, and the kids were happy to arrange the numbers in different sequences. A good way to learn about ancient Turkish mathematics.

Vegetables are full of colors. All good for us to eat and they grow healthy. Kids were busy sorting and finding colors of the yummy vegetables. Today they were lucky to find green, yellow and red vegetables, all good enough for their little bodies to grow. That was the activity to know more about the world and to boost their cognitive skills.

During their Phonics class, they learned about phonic /d/ for dog. The kids made a gigantic letter craft for dog.They all started by giving him some dots with paint using their little fingers. They gave him a head, legs to run around and later they imitated the way it barks and runs around. Their fine motor, literacy and language and communication skills were enhanced.The kids also traced phonic /d/  to -practice pencil control on paper.

 The Arabic class was interactive and they learned some vegetable names (tomato- Cauliflower – Peas) and Islamic lesson was good for the kids.

Group Name: Pollys

Little Pollys had very interactive circle time.It was fun today as kids revised numbers with different kinds of vegetables. Kids had to match the vegetables to the numbers in the string. Excellent activity as it made them learn about many kinds of vegetables and it improved their numeracy skills as well.

Exercise by dancing and stretching was great for their little bodies. This class was full of energy and it was awesome to boost their physical, social and emotional development. They followed the instructions of the teacher and it enhanced their thinking skills.

Outdoor activity was super exciting for kids as they learned and painted the vegetables. Do you know the colors of carrot, eggplant and tomato? They learned it today. Their tiny hands were so busy trying to find the appropriate colors for painting the vegetables. This was good to develop their thinking skills.

In the sensory play session, the kids made a corn craft using real corn. This sensory play made them very excited as they tried to collect every piece of corn and stick it in the right place. Sensory play is very important in the early years because it stimulates the cognitive development.

Children enjoyed the reading time as they learned a lot about a vegetable family. They were so happy to hear that vegetables are full of vitamins and that it will help them to grow big and healthy. This activity helped them to boost their communication and language skills and learn about the world they live in.

Group Name: Seattles

Are vegetables important?

Why do I need them?

Kids learned about staying healthy and happy. The kids learned that vegetables make them happy, makes their teeth strong, and keeps them away from being hurt or get sick. They gave the sad face for junk food and the happy face for vegetables. This activity made the kids develop more love for some vegetables, that they might not have loved before. They may be eager to eat those vegetables when they come in contact with it.

Hands-on fun!

Corn math activity today was designed to bring hands-on fun  Math for the kids. They can learn numbers with everything and everywhere. Kids used one of the vegetables; ‘corn’ to do recognition of numbers. Some numbers were written on the corn, for kids to cover the number when called out. in order to make the corn whole. What a fun way to practice Math skills!

Blindfolding practice!

Kids were being blindfolded and the teacher was their sight person. They were being led to pick up one letter, after which their blindfolds were removed and they called out the letter which they picked up. This was a great way to review phonics, which they have learned. As kids, they enjoy learning more when playing.

Arabic class was awesome as they revised the numbers 1 and 2 in Arabic. They also practiced how to use pencils by coloring number /2/.

A fun learning day today…


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