Wow! Nebula in a jar!…

Group Name: Skittles  

Do you like carrots?

Yes, I do!

Do you like broccoli too?

Yes, I do!

Little Skittles like the yummy, healthy vegetables. Today during their Knowing the world hour, kids went to the pretend garden and harvested fresh vegetables like capsicum, carrots, radish, eggplant and tomatoes. This was a great and interesting sensory play for the littles ones because they enjoyed playing with  sand and tangible items.

Space travelers!


 Let us explore and learn more about the mysterious space.

The kids made a nebula in a jar. They mixed paint, water, glitters and cotton balls and this mixture made  space like effect for the little eyes. They also viewed the imaginary stars in a telescope.

What an awesome way to learn more about the space!

During their interactive circle time, kids learned about the big and small concept. Here they sorted different vegetables based on their colors, and the activity boosted their numeracy skills. Kids also traced numbers 1 to 5 to review the numbers.

The kids are creative in their small world they live in. In their Expressive Arts and Design class, the kids made a peas vegetable craft. They put pea seeds in a pod while counting them. A good way to show their expressive arts and design skills.

During the French class, kids reviewed number 1 -( Un ) 2-(Deux). They were also introduced to number 3 (Trois) and the carrot vegetable ( carotte legumes).This was excellent to boost their vocabulary.

Group Name: Pollys

Little Pollys did something great for their bodies today…

They danced. During this class, kids were very active. They enjoyed, and their excitement had  no limits. They followed the steps of the teacher. It was great for their coordination and they learned to follow the instructions of the teacher.

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a Vegetable mobile during Crazy designers class. It was fun and educative for kids as they develop their numeracy and motor skills.

Do you want to see a hot balloon?

Little Pollys put their hands together and made a big colorful hot balloon. They enjoyed every bit of this activity. This game was so much fun as they jumped and flew into the sky and back. It was a good adventure to develop their personal, social and emotional skills. Also, it enhanced their communication skills as well, as they had lots of interactions. It was lovely to involve the kids in the activities so they can experience it.

During the literacy class, children traced letter “h” and it was a good way to enhance their fine motor skills, cognitive skills and also to practice pencil control.

Shining Diamond?

Let`s decorate it!

The kids had shapes in different colors to decorate the diamond. This activity was great as it helped them to learn the names of shapes and also colors. The activity helped them to acquire their sorting skills.

Little scientists used a cabbage and food color to understand the Science concepts by doing a Colorful cabbage experiment. They put a cabbage in the food color and guess what happened? They were super excited to see the reaction. Their cabbage was blue, yellow and green now… They learned the concept of absorption.

This was an awesome way to enhance their science skills and learn about the Science concepts. A colorful science activity that they will never forget!

Group Name: Seattles

It’s all about vegetables!

Seattles began their day, reviewing various kinds of vegetables. They were asked to name any vegetable they can identify. Asking kids to voice out their ideas gives the opportunity for them to practice reasoning skills and higher-order thinking.

Can you classify like we did?

Kids were allowed to sort the vegetables according to the pictures found in each basket. The kids picked up various vegetables and looked for their corresponding pictures in order to put them together. This activity of sorting helped kids to learn classification.

Capsicum has a wonderful design!How amazing were their designs during the Crazy designers hour of today. The kids had capsicums being cut to design with paint. They were given sheets of paper to do their designs. They had wonderful expressions on their face at the outcome of their designs.

Gardening for letters!

It was an exciting literacy class today as they made pretend play educative. Kids were in a small beautiful garden to do the harvesting. They harvested carrots and found some letters on the carrots. The kids were then allowed to call out the letters, they saw on the carrots they harvested. This activity was great for their motor skills as well as cognitive skills.

A Great learning with vegetables…

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