The Veggies World.

Group Name: Skittles.
Mummy! Mummy!
Do you  know that vegetables are good for my body?
Today the students were introduced to the vegetable theme. The teacher told them that they were packed with vitamins and nutrients that are good for kids’ growth.
Skittles enjoyed their Bean Masters class today. They  were in a vegetable garden counting and doing  yummy vegetable Maths using vegetables.Kids counted from one up to ten putting equivalent vegetables in different garden boxes. Here they reviewed all the numbers that they learnt so far, and it boosted their numeracy skills.
Kids went further and traced number ten on paper using pencils. Here they practiced pencil control and after tracing numerous tens on paper, kids were given a star stamp by the teacher to encourage them to do more practice in developing their fine motor skills.
During their gymnastics class, kids exercised their bodies by jumping, stretching , bending and hopping over huge foam  gym blocks. There after they did twisting on kids gym round about. This is an excellent exercise for their little growing muscles. This was great to develop their physical fitness. Their numeracy game outdoors was about jumping over circles and stepping on footprints with numbers written on them.
Kids were super excited to play and enjoy in the outside environment, while learning and counting numbers, Their physical, social and emotional skills were enhanced.The Arabic class was great. Kids learnt about pomegranate fruit, and they did a sensory craft.

Group Name: Pollys
The day started very actively.
Welcome to the Pollys vegetable store!
Little Pollys today showed their numeracy skills by counting the vegetables. It was fun for them as they revised the numbers of different kinds of vegetables. This activity improved their numeracy and cognitive skills, and their fine motor skills were put to work.
Today in the White Fields Nursery children explored the outer space.
What is Mr. Sun is doing in the sky?
Moreover, while in space, today, our little space travelers learned about planets. They were super excited to learn about the Sun today. They learned that Mr. Sun is in the middle of the space and that our Blue planet – Planet Earth is moving around it.They enjoyed learning about space as they took part in a range of hands-on activities.An interesting space travel.
Letter “h” is for heart.
It was fun making a heart craft today and interacting with friends during literacy class. That interaction is very important for their social, communication and language development.Kids had a very interesting activity “Vegetable store”. During this activity, children identified and sorted the vegetables.They learned that seeds from inside the vegetables are replanted to give us other vegetables.
The kids were eager to trace their letter “h” in the green sand and that was great to develop their cognitive skills as well as fine motor skills.
Their French class was so interactive for the little ones.

Group Name: Seattles
Yummy Vegetables!
I want carrots, capsicum, broccoli, corn, etc.
Name it…
A vegetable shop was created with several kinds of vegetables. Kids were allowed to visit the pretend store and pick up vegetables of their choices. They were excited to get inside a vegetable shop to see the various vegetables that were inside and to show to their friends. They picked their favorite vegetables and left the store. This activity made the kids excited about vegetables and hence can promote more consumption of it at home.
How many Carrots can you put?
Numeracy hour was fun today as kids revised numbers with carrots. They had to count the carrots and put,based on the numbers written on those carrots. Kids were introduced to number \8\ today.  During the introduction, kids counted and placed the legs on number 8. This was in order to boost their motor skills as well as cognitive skills.
Vegetable and  Science…
Amazing dancing corn!
Kids enjoyed their Science class today, as they had to carry out an experiment with one of the vegetables, which was corn. They used vinegar and baking soda in order to get the corn dancing and rise to the top. They were so excited to see the reaction of the corn in the glass. This was creative and a great hands on activity for better recognition of vegetables.

A great start of the week today…


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