Cute Moves…

Group Name: Skittles  

Build here!

 Put one stick here and some grass there!

Little Skittles today showed their creativity by building a bird’s nest using grass, sticks, and papers. With this activity, their creative and cognitive skills were put to work and their fine motor skills were developed. Birds are the most creative architects on planet earth.Check out their birds’ nest that they built during their crazy designers class.

Ballet class was awesome. The kids flexed and moved their bodies following Ballet music moves.Ballet is important for the children because they develop long and strong muscles. The kids also gain a sense of coordination and self- confidence. They were very happy and their Physical. Social and Emotional skills were improved.

Which bird lives in cold places, and is very good at fishing and swimming but can’t fly?

 A penguin!

Today they learned about their bird friends PENGUIN. They imitated how he walks, swims and his lifestyle. They also fed them. The kids were happy to feed the fish to the penguins.Here they were able to learn more about the world.

To show their expressive skills, kids made a penguin craft neatly. With this activity, their fine motor skills were  developed. The kids made a bird feeder craft, using colored rice and chart.They were so excited and inquisitive to experiment how the birds eat. They were looking for trees and branches of trees around the nursery to hang their feeders.Kids were  proud to have provided food for their bird friends today, and knowing the world skills have definitely enhanced.

Group Name: Pollys

Where did the birds come from?

From the eggs?

And what is inside?

They wondered… Yeah!!!

The kids had a surprised look on their cute faces when they saw an egg becoming a tiny bird. Great way of learning, as it kept the kids’ minds at work and a great sensory play for them.This was their first activity for today and the involvement of the kids was amazing.

Ballet class?


During this class, kids were physically active and were excited to give some movements to their little muscles.They all participated and had fun during this class.

Little Pollys enjoyed designing a bird mask and learning bird sounds and want to know more about the world they live in.This was an amazing activity to improve their knowledge about the surrounding and other creatures.This was an awesome way to enhance their communication skills as well as appreciating nature.

Funny Lego maze for the kids… Full of curiosity in the eyes of the little ones…

They had to make sure that they will reach the end.They tried all they could do to succeed. A thinking activity for them and a great way to enhance their thinking and logical skills.

The week ended up by reading a story in which they recognized all kinds of birds.It was great for kids listening the story told by the teacher. Listening to the stories is a great way to improve their Language and Communication skills.

Group Name: Seattles

An awesome trip in a space shuttle!

The kids were excited to get into the space shuttle to have a tour in space. The shuttle launches like a rocket, orbits like a spacecraft and lands like a plane. Wow! It was fun for kids to get inside. Kids enjoyed learning about space as they took part in a range of hands-on activities.

Kids learned how to hold a pencil as well as doing a review of the various shapes which they have done in class. They were to identify shapes and match it to their corresponding shapes. This activity helped them to recognize and compare shapes.

Numeracy hour was fun today as kids’ revised numbers with different kinds of birds. Numbers were pasted on a string and kids had to match the birds to the numbers in the string. This was good as it made them know there are several kinds of birds and it improved  their numeracy skills as well.

Pasta and Math!

Kids revised number /7/ today using pasta to count. A worksheet was provided to kids with number seven on it and they had to count pasta corresponding to number \7\. This was in order to boost their motor skills as well as cognitive skills.

The week has been so interactive for the kids and full of innovative learning tasks…



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