Is it your house, Little Bird?!…

Group Name: Skittles 

Dance is a great way to teach focus and coordination. The dance class was full of energy, as the kids enjoyed the dance moves enormously. Shaking their little hips and hands, moving their legs was  exciting. The kids were so involved and it was easy for them to grasp the dance steps easily and quickly. That was an excellent activity for their Physical, Social and Emotional Development.

Do you know the world’s fastest bird?

The Little Skittles know all about it.

It’s an OSTRICH and today they had an ostrich family race during our outdoor session. The kids were dressed  as a sister, brother, mother and father ostriches. Here they understood the big and small concept, improving their numeracy skills and the race boosted their PSED skills. They had so much fun.

To keep their birds theme memories with them, they made an ostrich craft beautifully. They Expressed their creativity skills.

Look! My name starts with ‘A’.

My friend’s name starts with  Z.

This was the main idea of tracing their names today. The kids were eager to trace their names and that was great to develop their cognitive skills. Tracing their names improves their pencil control on paper and their fine motor skills get developed.

Science surfers hour was about dancing raisins. The kids learnt how to do this awesome simple experiment using soda water and raisins which they put together. Their eyes were filled with amusement as they saw the little raisins dancing in a bottle.   

Our Arabic class was so interactive for the little ones.        

Group Name: Polly

Bean Masters class was great fun as kids gathered eggs with numbers on it. They were so excited to have the call out. It was educative and fun for kids as they mixed numeracy with sensory play.

Pollys were amazed to see an Eagle today, as they were learning about the theme “birds”.During this activity, the children enjoyed designing this big bird. They were able to identify the color of the Eagle. This was to enhance their logical thinking skills as well as their Expressive arts and design skills.

The Arabic class was very interesting and informative as kids learned about shapes.

Letter “e” with a modeling clay was an exciting and interesting activity because kids are performing with their tiny hands and their minds are led to wonder.They were involved in learning about letter /e/, and that improved their literacy skills.

It was a fun day today as the little Pollys visited the Gym and exercised their bodies. They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

Group Name: Seattles

Where are you off to?

What are you going to travel?

The Kids had a wonderful time using the Philippines tricycle to travel. It was a fun  activity that they enjoyed with their friends being the rider. Kids got great practice for balancing skills.

“Look what I did!”

I put the bird in the right house.

It was all about sorting birds and their cages. Cages of different colors were being made. A collection of birds of same colors was given to the kids. Kids had to search for the bird and put in its right cage. These very recognizable characteristics encourage children to define and organize the diverse world around them.

LEGOS and phonics?

One of the most educational toys available also happens to be one of the most inviting! The skills children learn from LEGOs are important and incredible! Letters were put on the LEGOS and same letters were placed on the floor. Kids had to build their Lego blocks based on the letters on the floor.

An innovative learning day today…


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