Match My Legs & My Bill!

Group Name: Skittles 

Who said Squeak?

Squeak  !  Squeak!

Mr Mouse… Searching for cheese!

During their literacy class kids made a mouse craft for letter/ m/. He had whiskers, eyes, and a nose all designed by the Little Skittles.Expressive arts and craft hour at its best. A great activity to develop fine motor skills.

World Wanderers !

Today Little Skittles went to the Philippines and encountered with a very famous happy moment.

It was the Philippine Fiesta and during this party, there was a lot of pretend food for the kids to feast on. Great way to learn more about other people, tradition and a way of life.

There they also had a candy grab game called PABITIN. This was so amazing and they enjoyed it a lot. But most of all they developed physically, socially and emotionally, during the jump and grab candy competition.

In the Sensory play session, the kids made a  bird’s nest using pasta. They filled the nest with colorful eggs and birds to show their creativity. It is important to note that sensory play is essential in the early years because it engages the five senses of a child and also stimulates the cognitive development. The little ones had a good time putting pasta together according to their own understanding to make a home for their bird friends.

They also had a good time dancing and playing with friends During their exercise time, they moved and froze. Great way to develop their physical, social and emotional skills.

The Arabic class was great as the kids learnt about the circle in different perspectives (clock – orange – tomato -wheels ). They also reviewed the numbers (1-2-3).

Group Name: Polly

During their circle time, they met a lot of birds. They met Parrot, Owl, Pigeons, Cuckoo, Sparrow, Crow and Peacock. During this class, kids were able to identify the colors of all seven birds. This was a great activity to boost their knowledge about the numbers and colors and also learn about birds.

It was great to bowl with our bird friends. The kids had so much fun because they used their small hands to hit the target. They put their communication and language skills to work as well as their motor skills. They were able to express themselves by saying the number of the flying birds.Here their numeracy skills were enhanced.Every moment of this activity was awesome as the kids enjoyed playing with friends and helped them to develop their emotional and social skills.

Kids showed their expressive skills by making a number 7 craft, sticking tiny hands, legs and eyes.Their creativity was boosted to the maximum. Little Pollys were so excited to see the moving number 7. It was fun and educative for kids as they developed their numeracy and motor skills.

Pollys also made a big bird’s nest today. They were amazed to see the little birds in the nest and it was exciting and educative for them to be a part of the big bird family.Kids showed that they are very responsible as they took care of little beautiful multi-color baby birds. This activity helped them to understand more about the world that they live in.

Group Name: Seattles

The parrot is hungry!

The owl is hungry!

What can you give them to eat, caring Seattles?

Children and nature do go together. Teaching the kids about nature enables them to care about the things in their environment. Two kinds of birds were being targeted and kids had to show their caring attitude by giving the hungry birds some food to eat. The birds were in their cages.  The owls were being fed with insects while the parrots were being fed with fruits and vegetables. Kids found pleasure in acting that way and were so happy to hear that the birds have eaten.

What else can you find, apart from the little chicks?

Kids enjoyed a sensory game of playing with some chicks and feathers in a sensory tray. They had to search for some letters which were inside the tray and present to the teacher. This activity was meant to revise phonics as well as improve their fine motor skills.

My legs and nostril should be same.


Kids enjoyed a color activity today during which they played by matching bill and legs. 4 penguins were made with 4 different legs. Each leg had a particular color which corresponds with the bill of the penguin. Kids were to search for that bill and match to the legs of the penguin. This was creative and fun for them. Each kid found pleasure searching for the bill as well as looking closely at the legs in order to have the colors right.

Run run!

Kids ended the day by doing an egg race. They used tissue rolls and had to run as fast as they could to meet up with the basket where the eggs were to be placed. This activity was great for their physical development as well as social development as they found pleasure running with their friends.

Arabic class was also interactive, and they reviewed numbers and learned about the circle.

A lovely day with bird friends today…


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