Do You Want a Blue Feather?

Group Name: Skittles  

The more we get together the happier we will be!

How nice it was to be a part of “I spy game “!

During our circle time, the kids did a wonderful job spying on different pictures of birds, put before them. Here their cognitive skills were developed as well as their language and communication.

Who appears at night? Mr. Moon.

Who brightens up our daytime?  Mr.Golden Sun

The little skittles went on a space travel to solve the mystery about day and night during their space travelers class. They had a beautiful display about day and night and their teachers vividly explained to them, why and how the moon and the sun appear at different intervals around the world. Here kids got to know more about the world we live in.

Phonic /m/ is for mouse. Skittles today painted /m/ for mouse with ear buds during their literacy class. They also traced on paper using pencils, here they exercised  their wrist muscles. This was great to develop their fine motor skills.

Kids also made a parrot craft during their arts and craft lesson. They gave him feathers to fly and out of curiosity, they took the little parrot outside to fly around freely.

Maybe more parrot friends will come there tomorrow.

French class was awesome and they learned how to say one (un) and two (duex). What is Rouge? Name of Red in French and they learned about ‘Red’ today.


Group Name: Polly

Little Pollys started their day with Arabic class. It was great today as they learned about birds. The kids had a chance to play with birds today. It was so much fun, so kids did not like this lesson to end. The kids used their tiny hands to let the birds fly.It was a great activity to learn good values.

Learning through play was great for children because they were able to develop a positive attitude towards learning. Kids also learned the differences between kinds of birds by sorting them out and placing them where they have been asked to. This was a great activity in order to let them master their knowledge about the birds and where they live.

There was a wonderful bird house that helped them to learn about the home of birds. This activity enhanced their communication skills of the kids and invited them to create and use their imaginations.

The kids made a craft for phonic /e/ during their literacy hour. They were much involved in this activity and in learning their letter of the week. This was an activity to boost their communication and language skills. This was great to boost their creativity as well.


Group Name: Seattles

What color feather do you have?

Which color did you put on the bird?

The main characteristics of the birds are its feathers. During their expressive art and design hour of today, kids used the bird feathers to paint the birds on the tree and some in the sky. Bluebirds can’t see the color “blue”. So the kids helped the blue birds get their color and they designed other birds with multi-colored feathers. What a beautiful multi-color bird they made! Creative skills were enhanced by this activity.

How do birds fly?

Feathers are very important for flying and they help them to be warm. The kids had feathers on and they flap their wings just like airplanes do. The kids were so excited to flap their wings to get into a bird house. It was fun, educative and exciting for the kids.

Numeracy class was fun as the kids were so excited to fill the egg tray with some colorful pom poms. The pom poms were put according to the numbers on the tray. This activity was great for motor skills as well as cognitive skills.

Kids revised holding pencils, asking for color pencils of their choices and coloring the birds. Their literacy level was increased as they listened to a story about different kinds of birds they could make out.


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