Bird Watch

Group Name: Skittles 

Great start of the week!

Learning about bird life has made our day interesting.

Today they started the day with an introduction to our flying friends the birds like (Kingfishers, Eagles, Crested crane, Ostriches, and Penguins). They were also happy to see two parrots in a cage attending class with them today. It was great learning more about the world, the birds live in.

Bean masters class!

Today the class was all about counting and clipping on the colorful tweet, tweet birds. Numbers one to nine were displayed on the birds and the kids had to figure out how many clips would equate on each bird. This was a good cognitive activity for them. They also put their fine motor skills to work as well as improving their numeracy skills. Kids went further and traced number worksheets during their numeracy class. Here they had to do pencil control, counting and tracing on paper, hence improving their fine motor skills.

To show their expressive skills kids made a number 9 craft, sticking tiny triangles on a circle counting up to nine to form a shiny sun. Creativity at its best.

Do you know someone who does not use a plane, but can fly from one place to another? Little skittles know… BIRDS… are awesome travelers in the sky. During their outdoor session, they pretended to fly like garden birds, moving from one place to another flipping and spreading their wings.

Isn’t that cool?

Yes, they did and had a good time.

The Arabic class was interesting and informative.

They learnt the letter sound (b).

Group Name: Polly

Little Pollys were very curious today…

They wanted to explore different kinds of birds and their life.

“Let’s count the birds” was our first activity for today. During this activity, kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers. Kids were so excited as the birds flew all around. Exploring the world of birds was really great.

Today kids made a birds nest and enjoyed learning about birds. This activity was great for as it kept their minds at work and was great sensory play for them.

During bird craft, kids enjoyed designing the birds. They were able to identify the color of the bird. This was to enhance their logical and thinking skills. A perfect activity and their expressive arts and design skills were stimulated.

Pollys were so involved during Space travelers class. Their minds wondered what the aliens will be doing. This was great to encourage them in language development, as the kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts. An amazing activity in the eyes of the little ones and their involvement was indeed priceless. This activity was fun filled for kids and their little ones were very busy trying to catch the aliens.

An interesting day today…

Group Name: Seattles

Do you know what makes birds different from other animals?

It’s the eggs they produce.

Little scientists used those eggs to understand their world by doing an egg float experiment. Water was poured into three different glasses and the concentration of salt was at different levels. Kids were amazed to see the reaction of the one which had less salt and more salt, it was exciting and educative for the kids as they dropped the eggs in each solution. They learned the concept of floating and sinking.

Where are these eggs laid by the birds?

It was a wonderful nest being made to teach kids about the home of birds and where they keep and take care of their own babies, which are called chicks. Kids learned that a nest is a safe place where birds do leave. This activity was creative and increased the literacy skills of the kids.

Numeracy was fun for the kids.  They revised how to count from 1 to 7 by putting pom pom balls into an egg basket according to the numbers in those baskets.  Kids also revised numbers by counting birds on a tree.

How many birds did you see?

How many can you see?

It was an interesting game for the kids to increase their cognitive skills.

Arabic class was amazing today, as they learned the names of few birds.

A great  start of the week…


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