I am a Sun…You are a Star…

White Fields Nursery wishes Master. Daniel Dbouk a very Happy 3rd Birthday…

Group Name: Skittles 

What color do you like?

Blue, yellow, red, white?

Skittles  had fun reviewing and learning about the colors today.

They started with sorting games using colorful blocks. They built tall towers and enjoyed the healthy competition amongst friends. A good way to develop their social, physical, emotional, fine motor and cognitive skills.

Crazy designers!

Kids were on a pretend play on the White fields construction site. Did you know that pretend play  enhances social and emotional intelligence? This is by interacting which is a key to our lifelong success and happiness. There is no substitute for creative and imaginative play. Little Skittles had a good time playing with toy cars, servicing in the site and using blocks to build. Upcoming architects?

Kids made a craft for phonic / r/ – rabbit during their literacy class. They were happy to have made a rabbit head gear, gave it eyes, fur and a nose. Thereafter they wore it on the head and pretended to be hopping like rabbits, searching for carrots. Here they showed their expressive arts and design. And the activity was good for their Physical development.

Toss me that color ball…



Let’s shoot!

It was so much fun, playing color ball shooting game during our outdoor session. This game was good to improve their focus and concentration.

Wonderful Little Skittles, had a great week playing and learning together, with their favorite theme ‘Toys’.

Group Name: Polly

Pollys started their day by counting toys. This activity made them excited.

Toys puzzle was a very good activity to develop the motor skills.

Where should I put this piece?

This game was fun filled for kids and their little hands were very busy trying to find the correct piece of a puzzle.

Here… Now Teddy bear appeared.

The kids had so much fun during this game today as their communication skills were put to work.  Also, It was great to develop their thinking skills, as it kept their minds at work. They learned how to assemble things together.

Let’s decorate the robot with the shapes!

The kids had shapes in different colors to decorate the robot. This showed how fast their little minds  work.

Little Pollys put their hands together and made a very nice toy craft. Here the kids were able to identify toys that they found.

This was good for them to develop social and emotional skills and also knowing the world in which they live in.

What can we do with Lego blocks?

They played and made a letter /e/.They made a big and small letter /e/.  This activity was a good for children because it provided opportunities for them to strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

A bit of dance, a bit of fun and a bit of pretend play…

Group Name: Seattles

Early exposure to Math and number activities will promote a child’s comfort with these skills. Continuous revision makes the child confident when working with numbers. In that light, Seattles revised numbers 1 – 7 by doing number recognition with balloons. As the kids love balloons,  they were so excited to select a balloon and call out the number.

Moon,  Star or Sun?

Which did you act as?

The kids had a blast studying about the moon, the star and the sun. It stimulated their creativity. The kids acted as the moon, star and sun. It was fun for them because it stretches their imagination, and made them to think how these three looks like.  This inspires them to learn more about the things around them, as they realized the world doesn’t end in front of the house or school.

Good character traits don’t just appear. They are taught and nurtured to the kids. Kids learned how to care for others today by modeling their Teachers. Teddys were given to each kid and they acted like the caregivers by giving food to the hungry Teddys. This was a great activity for moral and social development.

The kids revised letter /e/ by doing some pencil control. They were asked to choose color pencils of their choices for them to color. They made an  elephant craft for letter /e/, during their Literacy hour. This activity was good for motor development as well as the ability to recall.

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