A Thrilling Toy Hunt…

Group Name: Skittles  

Stretching and dancing to nursery rhythms, a fun-filled way to start up the day. Kids were happy to wiggle and dance in the morning. A great way to exercise and prepare their minds for an awesome learning day.

Shapes are everywhere, in the nursery, home and on the playground. Kids identified different shapes in their surrounding. They were able to express themselves by saying the names of different shapes like square, circle, and triangles. Thereafter, each one had a chance to draw whichever shape they wished during their circle time. This was our fun way of reviewing our shapes, hence enhancing our numeracy skills.

Did you know that music is food for the soul?

Kids enjoy music as adults do. Little Skittles today came with their music toys to display their music skills to their classmates. They had instruments like guitar, flute, piano, shakers and drums. They made preferred sounds with enthusiasm. This was a way of showing their expressive skills in Music.  This was good to boost their emotional and social skills.

Numeracy class started with a number hopping game called Hopscotch. Kids jumped from one number to another with their friends counting out loud. Great way to learn through play.Kids went further and traced numbers 1 to 8 to develop their fine motor skills.

In the Science surfers class, it was exciting to see a rubber glove getting bigger with vinegar and baking soda. It was exciting to the little scientists as they watched the gloves grow bigger and bigger with pressure from the mixture. Indeed, future Scientists are nurtured at White Fields Nursery.

Group Name: Polly

Are you ready for the toy hunt today?

Let`s meet our friends and let`s explore with Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map and Swiper!

Kids had a chance to pretend play as though they were in their favorite story. They had a chance to explore with Dora and they made a queue while waiting for their turn.They went on a toy hunt with their friend Dora, accompanied by her talking purple backpack and her monkey companion named Boots.Little Pollys helped Boots and Dora to locate the toys stolen by Swiper. Children moved from one clue to the other as their friends encouraged them.

And they did it!

Pollys went on a tour today.  Today the little Wanderers were excited to visit the Philippines and they learned about their transportation.It`s great to know more about the world that they live in!

Kids need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it. In that light, they learned about emotions today. Do you know that emotions start with letter /e/? Pollys sorted emotions according to the order presented to them. This activity stimulated their Thinking, Communication and Language skills and it was great for intellectual development.

Kids also enjoyed in the GYM today and their Physical and Social skills were boosted. They exercised their bodies to the fullest.

Group Name: Seattles

I can paddle!

I caught three fishes!

What about you?

The Filipino boat was being used by kids in the sea in learning how to catch fish. Kids learned what the boat is all about and how to use the boat. Kids tried as much as possible to get some fish from the sea. This activity made them to get the value of working towards a goal.

Sorting activities often attract children because they have a natural desire to make sense of their world. Children were exposed to various shapes like circle, square, triangle, diamond, oval and  star. And working together, children  differentiated the shapes by putting toys on shapes called out by the teacher. Kids did this individually. This activity enabled the kids to have a mastery of all the shapes being taught to them.

Kids also learned the differences between sea animals and farm animals by sorting them out and placing them where they have been asked to. This was a great activity in order to let them master their knowledge about the animals and where they live.

It was a great cooperative play, as the kids had partners to play with. One person was allowed to build a big tower. After which another was allowed to build a small one with Lego blocks. Then they compared the size of the two towers. This was a great activity as kids learned to develop control of their impulses and to communicate what they want and need.

A day full of exciting experience …


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