SUNGKA-Count and Capture

Group Name: Skittles  

Chagga Chu Chu Chu goes my toy train,

Vroom Vroom says my toy car,

Nnnnnn goes my toy airplane…

What a day full of fun for the Little Skittles, as they explored their toys that move. The kids had a chance to play with those mega and small toys that move from one place to another. They didn’t like this lesson to end, because it was so much fun. Kids used their little hands to explore the sounds of the toys. The kids had a great bonding with friends. Learning through play is good for the kids because they are able to retain the things they learn and also develop a positive attitude towards learning.

World Wanderers went to the Philippines and enjoyed their traditional dance, dressed in a pretend dance costume. The kids had a good time dancing and hopping above the bamboo sticks that were held by their friend. Great way to learn more about the world that they live in.

Toss me that rock marble, one, two, three and four were the numbers used during the sensory  Filipino maths game called “SUNGKA”.  With the help of the teacher kids learned that marbles can be used for counting in a traditional way. This was good to enhance their numeracy skills using natural resources.

Phonic /r/ is for rocket. They made a beautiful rocket craft with their expressive art and design skills. They also learned that the same phonics they have covered /r, a, t/ can form up a sight word “rat”. This was a good milestone in their literacy learning journey.

Group Name: Polly

Do you know that toys give life to our imaginary world?

Today little Pollys were super excited when the teacher started the day with the story…. Once upon a time in the Toyland….

The kids had a chance to pretend play as though they were in the Toyland.They had a lot of toys in their classroom, but we used it in an educative way today.

It was fun and educative for the children as they mixed Sensory play with Communication and Language.This was a great exercise for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

During Numeracy class kids were very happy to count the toys. It was a good learning activity to learn numbers while playing with toys. A great way to improve  their Numeracy skills.

Did you see a magic letter /e/? It can change size and colors. Sometimes it`s big and sometimes it`s small. And today’s  letter “e” was green and orange.

This activity was fun and creative which kept their minds working. And the activity was an interactive and was great to practice Language and communication skills as they are very important to improve children`s vocabulary.

Group Name: Seattles

Jumping high today!

Movement can help children develop, not only motor skills, but emotional and social skills as well. Kids were led to hop on letters one after the other. This was a basic motor activity in order to improve their literacy skills.

Color is one of the ways children observe and categorize what they see and also make distinctions. Children were guided to sort different color toys in baskets which were presented to them.

Seattles were active learners as they took ownership of counting and placing the toys according to the numbers. Kids had the numbers 1 – 7 placed on a chart paper. Several toys presented to them in order for them to count based on the numbers placed in front of them. This activity promoted higher level critical thinking skills.

Kids learned how to control their pencils by coloring a smiling teddy bear on sheets of papers given to them. It was great for developing their hand-eye coordination as well as their visual control.

The kids ended the day with an egg craft during their expressive arts and design period. This was great as they revised the phonic \e\.

A great way to end the day playing and learning  with our toys.

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