Fantastic Toy-land…

Group Name: Skittles  

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Today in the Little Skittles classroom, they had a visit of their favorite toys which came to tour the nursery. How wonderful it was to start the day with them near us in class!

Kids enjoyed sharing their toys with friends and there after sorted and distributed them amongst their friends, some of which were a Minnie mouse,  Thomas the train, toy cars, dollies, robots, kitty cats and much more. They enjoyed sharing with their friends these little things (toys), that really matter a lot in their childhood days. Great way of knowing more about the world.

Space Travelers went on a great adventure to explore the hottest star the sun. They had a lot of questions in their little minds like, what is the color of the sun?  How about if we make an imaginary sun in our little circle of understanding? With the help of their teachers, the little astronauts in the making made a squishy yellow sun, which seemed very hot, using paints, and shaving cream. This was a great sensory play for their little hands  as well as developing their cognitive and fine motor skills

Literacy class kids were introduced to phonic /r/ for robot they made a rocket from a big chart paper. They were happy to stick and put together different pieces to make a big rocket. They also traced phonic /r/ on paper to continue the practice of mastering their letter of the week.

Have you ever been to Mr. Potato’s show?

Today they had him in our classroom. They also made a craft for him, gave him eyes, ears, nose and cozy hat on his head. Here they showed our expressive arts and design.

Their French Class was great. They learned about number one (Un) and two (Deux) in French.

Group Name: Polly

Let`s go to the Toyland…

The imaginary world was fantastic today.

It was awesome pretend play to be a Mickey mouse today. Kids tried it out and it worked just right. Their curious minds were busy and created the Mickey mouse mask and they play a Mickey mouse game.  This craft was great for their growing brains and and good to improve their fine motor skills.

A good way of learning numbers is through play. Children learned about number 7 and it was a great opportunity for their little brains to master the numbers whilst playing with their toys during Numeracy class. Also, they were able to trace and color number 7. Tracing number 7 was beneficial for practicing pencil control.

During dance class, they moved to the various songs. That was good to improve their expressive arts and physical development.

Feeding the toys?

Interesting… It was an awesome experience…

Learning about toys has been so great. The kids were so busy trying to feed the toys and this was a good activity to develop their communication and language skills. Learning by playing is a great way of boosting growing brains of the Pollys.

Children were excited to search for different kinds of toys and found how big and small they were. This is an apt activity to develop their sorting skills.They were eager to participate in this activity.

A great learning adventure for Pollys!

Group Name: Seattles

How far can you throw?

Where did it land?

What action did you perform?

It was an exciting literacy activity today to enhance motor development as well as physical development. Several action words were printed out and displayed on the floor. The kids threw a dice and on whatever action word it falls on, kids will be led to perform the action. Words like “run” “jump” “clap” “match” “wiggle” “stamp” “turn” “dance” “walk”.

Kids can supplement their learning with fun and educational toys.  Giving them the opportunity to have fun while practicing the things they are learning in school will increase their retention of those things. Today they were learning about hard and soft toys. This activity was a science and a vocabulary lesson and it did help the kids to learn about the difference between “hard” and “soft.” I included hard things like a book, some plastic animal toys and some plastic car toys.  Thereafter the things like a stuffed animal, a squishy ball, pom poms were included. Kids were invited to take turns selecting items from the tray.

Kids were introduced to a new letter. Letter \e\ in which they had to paste eggs inside the letter e. They learned that the word egg starts with E.

Kids ended their day, designing with categories of toys. They had toy animals, puzzle, toy cars and they made different designs on the chart paper with paint.

A Lovely learning experience today…


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