Our Imaginary World

Group Name: Skittles  

Toys-That gives life to our Imaginary world!

Today the kids were super excited when the teacher introduced the theme of the week –‘Toys’! They had a chance to pretend play as though they were at their favorite toy store. The kids had a chance to take turns when at the store and they made a queue while making purchases at the toy shop counter.That was a great exercise for their Physical,Social and Emotional  Development. There they used the money to pay for their toys.They had a variety of toys to choose from.There were soft toys, Lego blocks, robots, kitchen toys, animal toys and puzzles. This was in their Bean Masters sessions, as well as knowing more about the world that they live in.

Numeracy class was all about number eight. The kids made a walking number 8 craft. They gave him eyes, hands and legs. Here they showed their expressive arts and design skills. It was also good flexing their hands to trace number 8 on paper using pencils. Here the kids counted matching eight strawberries. This was good for their fine motor skills. Kids were proud to show the teacher their developing pencil control skills, by drawing big and small circles. They said that the circles are sitting on each other. This was one of the students’ observations of the formation of number eight. Well done kids!

Little Skittles went further and enjoyed their GYM class today. They did a lot of jumping, hopping and bouncing. This was good because they exercised their bodies to the fullest. Here the Physical, Emotional and Social skills were boosted.

Their Arabic Class was also very exciting.

Group Name: Polly

Have you ever seen an alien?

Today the kids started their day with warm up exercises and they moved to various songs. Great way to start the day. This was to improve their physical development.

At White Fields Nursery Pollys explored outer space  today, and they were trying to solve the mystery.

From where do the aliens come from?

During the space travelers session, kids enjoyed making an alien craft. Their minds wondered what the aliens will be doing? This was great to encourage their language development, as the kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.

This was the perfect activity because the  kids were very active. Everybody got the chance to be an alien and travel to space and back. Their little faces sparkled. An interesting space travel!

The kids enjoyed playing a phonic game of “What starts with letter ‘e’? They guessed and opened a box to find out if their guess was right. They learned about things that started with the letter ‘e’.

A wonderful way to improve on their cognitive development and enhance their literacy, language and communication skills.

During Art and crafts class, the kids made an elephant craft. They were able to identify the color of the elephant. The activity was good for developing their literacy and knowing the world skills and enhancing their logical thinking skills.

French learning was also very interesting today.

Red or Rouge… It`s the same!

Tomorrow holds more discoveries for them.

Group Name: Seattles

Yeah! My balloon popped up… And yours?

It was an exciting science experiment as kids used vinegar and baking soda to blow the balloon. This was to show that how the balloon becomes big? What is inside the balloon? Each kid was so focused on his or her own activity to make the best of it.  This was creative and fun for them as they were excited to see the balloon going big slowly. This experiment stimulated their thinking and Science skills.

Children need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it. In that light, they had fun playing with the toys they always find in the class in an educative way. Toys invite children to create and use their imaginations.  Two chart papers were presented to the kids and they had to sort the toy cars by their sizes. They sorted big and small according to the order presented to them.This was an activity to boost their sorting skills.

During their numeracy period,the kids decorated number “7” with smaller number seven cut outs. The  kids learned a new shape Oval and they tried to differentiate between oval and diamond. They had to sort the shapes and paste on the board. This was a great sensory activity and great for intellectual development.

A Challenging day today…

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