The Ocean Life

Group Name: Skittles 

Sea diver inventors and discoverers were on a thrilling guessing game today on who lives under the sea.

The Skittles today were on an amazing venture to learn more about the world in the beautiful ocean.

They had a guessing game where their friends came out of an imaginary sea, dressed in different sea creature costumes

They were dressed up as jellyfish, Octopus, Starfish, Seashell and clown fish. The kids learned that living things live under water as well. This was a good step to enhance their science knowledge as well as to know about the world.

To further show their expressive arts and designs, the kids made a puffer fish craft. Did you know that this astonishing balloon-like creature can inflate and deflate itself on different intervals? The teacher illustrated this to make the little ones appreciate nature and its great wonders. They were so happy for showing the teacher their very own puffer fish craft.

Pencil control and tracing are very important for the kids because they flex their wrist muscles and also learn how to write with extra practice. Kids today traced number seven during their numeracy class and this was quite good for developing their fine motor skills.

Skittles also enjoyed the Arabic class a lot today. They learned the words (Lion, Rabbit) for letter-A in Arabic. They traced the letter and listened to the Alphabet song.

Group Name: Polly

Little Pollys were very busy today.

Learning about ocean life was very much interesting.The kids looked at the different kinds of sea animals and found how big and small they were.

Do you want to look inside the sea?

Pollys put their hands together and they made a sea in the bag. WOW….

Here the kids were able to identify animals with different colors that they found there. This was good for them to develop social and emotional skills and also to know about the world in which they live in.

Let`s feed the hungry shark with the balls!

The kids had balls in different colors to feed the shark. This showed how fast their little minds do work. Sorting is a very important skill that kids should acquire during the early years. Great activity to develop their sorting skills.

What can you see on the shark`s face?

Little Pollys now know that Mr. Shark has a lot of teeth because they counted them today during Bean master class. They made a very nice shark craft and they really enjoyed.

Interesting Gymnastics class today.It was a gross motor activity in which they had a great practice following the instructions while playing and exercising.

Arabic class was interesting today.

Group Name: Seattles

Beautiful blue sea !

What can you see inside?

The kids were excited to put the fishes in the sea and also to feed the fish. Kids tried to count the creatures they could see in the sea. This was a great sensory play as they also learned about the sea world.

Kids revised numbers during their numeracy period of today. They had to glue on the tentacles of the octopus according to the numbers written on the octopus. This activity was creative and it improved their sense of recognition of numbers for the kids.

Beautiful dress up play today for the kids. The kids were so much involved and loved to try on the costume of the Philippines during their World Wanderers class. This was great as it allowed  the kids to have an idea of different national dresses.

Science is great for their little minds as kids get to think and process little instructions being given to them in order to get their results. Kids learned about the blue sky today by using shaving foam and mixing some food color into it.

A busy day today…

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