Fasten your seat belts

Group Name: Skittles  

The kids had an imaginary ocean just in a  bottle. They put some seashells, fish and ocean stones, mixed some water with blue food color and there was an ocean in a bottle. This was during their Science Surfers class and was an interesting sensory play too.

During the literacy, class kids were happy to trace phonic /h/ for hat on sensory play sand. This was good to enhance their coordination and fine motor skills. They also went ahead and traced on paper using pencils.This was good for their wrist exercise and improving their phonics knowledge.

It’s always fun to play when learning. Skittles made their shapes tower using colors blue and red. Here they were able to come up with shapes like square and triangle. They showed their creativity and it was good to improve their numeracy skills

Language and communication are very important to improve the kids’ vocabulary. Today the little ones were amused by a story entitled “THE SHY OCTOPUS”. They learned it’s always good to open up and make friends, for they always help one when in trouble.

Our Ballet class we also impressive.

Group Name: Polly

Are you ready for our imaginary world today?

Get ready…

Fasten your seat belts…

and let`s go!

Do you know what is a submarine?

Let`s design our own!

This large, powerful underwater vessel is a cool way to explore below the sea. It is used in many ways.Little Pollys were exploring the submarine today.It was an awesome pretend play.They were little divers today.They explored the life under water.

During this outdoor activity, their imagination was boundless.

This activity was a unique because it provided an opportunity for children to strengthen their physical skills and to enhance their social, emotional and language development.

Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me;

Let`s dive in the deep blue sea…

 What do you see?

I see a jellyfish swimming near me.

The teacher told them about the jellyfish. There are many different types of jellyfish in all of the oceans. Some are harmless and some are very dangerous.

Let`s discover amazing and fascinating sea creatures in the bottom of the sea.They met a lot of them like sharks,  turtles, crabs,  jellyfish,  seahorse  today and they learned about their sounds and their movements.

It was so great to give exercise to the little muscles during ballet hour.

A great week of learning.

Group Name: Seattles

Sea shells with phonics?

 It was all about the ocean environment for Seattles.

An integrated learning today. Kids had to search for some sea shells in the sand. On those sea shells were letters. Kids after digging found a shell, and they were so excited to see that it had letters on it. They were so excited to present the sea shell with that letter to the teacher. It was fun, creative and a great hands-on activity which kept their minds working. They were really so involved In order to have a shell to present. It was a great sensory play and a phonics play too.

Yummy fishes!

Kids enjoyed working with fishes today during their numeracy hour. They had to count some golden fishes according to the numbers which were presented on the chart paper. This was a great way for them to continue practicing the sequence of numbers and to count.

What can you see under the sea??

Fish? Crabs? Octopus?

The kids were excited to call out fish as their favorite. Kids were involved in making a craft of several kinds of creatures, which are found under the sea. This was great as they learned about other sea animals apart from the fishes which they see in their daily lives.

The very ,very hungry mermaids wanted some fish to eat.  Kids were excited to have a dramatic play as beautiful mermaids of the sea in search of food. Lovely Seattles were ready to share some fishes with them. This made kids learn how to share and also the need for care in the society.




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