Under the Sea

Group Name: Skittles  

If you go under the sea,

 What would you see?

Octopus, shark, big fish, tiny fish,

Jellyfish, crab, and many others…

Skittles were amazed to see a real goldfish in class today, as they were introduced to the theme “Under the sea”. They learned that besides the fish and other creatures the big ocean is a home to other plants like seed weed, leafy sea dragon, and coral reefs. Kids learned more about the world that they live in.

Kids were very happy to feed numbers to a hungry shark. It was a good learning activity to learn numbers while playing with fish. This was during their bean master class. A great way to improve on our numeracy skills.

How many legs does Mr.Octopus have? Little skittles now know that he has eight legs because they counted them today during their expressive arts and design class. They made a beautiful craft of an octopus while counting the legs.Good job Skittles.Thumbs up for you all.

Group Name: Polly 

Pollys started their day with French class…

One, Two…. Un, Deux….

Circle time was very good because Mr. Shark visited us.

It was exciting for kids to listen to the “Shark story” told by the teacher.

This was a great way to improve their language and communication skills.

Deep in the ocean,

Sea animals live,

With them, I would like to swim.

Do you know what is there in the ocean? Octopus, jellyfish, shark, and sea turtles…These are  a few of the numerous animal species that live in the oceans….

The activity was aimed to introduce the sea animals to the kids,and to encourage them to freely explore the world.

They had a good learning adventure and their cognitive skills were highly boosted.

Group Name: Seattles

Lovely fishing activity today!

Kids visited the beach.  It was an interesting activity as kids tried to catch some fishes from the sea. This was a great activity because as kids are performing with their hands, their minds are led to wonder. It promoted creativity and willingness to talk about what they are doing.

Their numeracy period was great fun ad kids caught fishes with numbers on it. They were so excited to have the numbers call out.  It was educative and fun for the kids as they mixed sensory play with numeracy.

It was a fun day today, as the Little Seattles moved to the rhythm during their dance session.Great dancing to exercise their body.

A great start of the week…

Tomorrow the 13th Feb 2017 and Tuesday (14th Feb 2017) activities will be posted together on 14th.


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