Hit the Target…

Group Name: Skittles  

Come on little skittles!

Aim for the highest,

Hit the target, throw the ball,

And knock out the farm animals.

This was their fun bowling during circle time. They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched and exercised. This was a good exercise for their Physical development.

They also listened to a story told by their teacher. This was good for enhancing their expressive arts skills and language and communication skills.

During our literacy class, they also practiced pencil control by tracing phonic /e/. This was aimed at improving their fine motor skills.

It was a great day today.

Group Name: Polly 

Pollys day started with counting the animals. They found six of them and they were ready to play with. They were able to write number “6” and color six little ducks.During this hour, they were able to develop their numeracy skills and communication skills.

Now when they learned number “6” they were able to color it in different colors.And at the end of this activity, they collected a lot of number six.This activity was great to enhance their artistic and creative skills.


 Do you know where is it?

That`s a very nice country in the Asia. And they have a few friends from the Philippines. They visited  Ifugao province today, in their World Wanderers class. There they found Banaue Rice Terraces. Great time to develop kids communication skills and social skills as well as to know about their world.

 Today … A great day in the Philippines!

Group Name: Seattles

Messy, Messy play for Seattles today!

Horse? Goat? Which do I paint first?

Kids had fun painting. This activity was great for their physical, emotional and social development as they learned how to improve their concentration in doing an activity as well as improve their self-esteem.  Kids learned to take turns in painting the Horse and Goat.

Intellectual development at work today, as the kids learned to how to sort and arrange Lego in a logical manner, according to the numbers placed in front of them. They had a greater understanding of sorting.

The kids had an opportunity to imagine and build during their circle time. They were allowed to express their thoughts by building shapes on Chou Chou train.  This was a great activity which improved their creative skills.

Can we visit a Farmhouse in the Philippines?

Kids had fun learning how to harvest vegetables, which are being planted around a farm house and share with their friends indoors.

They ended their day with the gym. Kids were physically active and were excited to work on their little muscles. They all participated and had fun during that class.

A very active day today.

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