Fresh from the Ground…

Group Name: Skittles  

World Wanderers were on a mission to travel and study about the world. The Skittles were excited to visit the famous Philippines,  which is situated in Southeast Asia with beautiful city Manila as its capital. They met hospitable people and they took them to Mayon Volcano near Bell tower, riding in their nice Jeep. This was a great adventure and to know more about the world.

Circle time was also good because they had Mr. Cow, the puppet visiting them. It was fun for kids, listening to funny pretend story told by the teacher and about what happens in old MacDonald farm. Listening to stories is a great way to improve their Language and Communication skills.

Where did the plant come from?

From the ground?

But how did it come from the ground and that too fresh from the ground?

The kids also had a surprised look on their cute faces, when they saw the sweet potato that they planted weeks ago had grown into a big plant with roots and leaves. Great way of learning through practical science, since these practical activities stimulate their Scientific skills.

Group Name: Polly 

Little Pollys started our day with a friendly smile.

“Jump on the circle and bring me the egg”.

This was our first activity for today and the involvement of the kids was amazing. This is to focus on their Physical Development.

During Knowing the world class they learned about “Life cycle of a hen”.

The kids had an egg to crack open.

What`s inside???

They wondered….


It is a small chicken.

It was an amazing activity in the eyes of the little ones and their excitement had no limits.This was an awesome way to enhance their communication skills, appreciating nature, as well as knowing the world.

Full of curiosity in the eyes of the kids.

Here… Now it is a big hen!

The kids ended up reviewing shapes and phonics.

Fun filled day today!

Group Name: Seattles

Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Have you any wool?

Yes! Yes! He had enough of it to share with the kids.

Lovely Seattles were excited as the sheep gave them some wool. As kids sang the Baa Baa Black Sheep rhyme, It was a great way to review their phonics skills,  ability to hear, identify and manipulate letter sounds.

Kids revised numbers during their numeracy period. They had a barn filled with different categories of animals with number labels on them. Kids matched the animals to the respective animal houses with the numbers. This activity was great for their cognitive and numeracy development.

The kids ended up enjoying a Math puzzle game today in which they recognized the numbers and put them sequentially. They learned the order in which the numbers appear.  This was a great activity as they learned that things do have a particular order, even in the numbers that they study every day.

Exploring the Farm… is indeed great …

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