A Visit to the Farm

Group Name: Skittles  

Who said moo moo… the cow or the calf?

Who said baa baa …the sheep or the lamb?

Today on their imaginary farm, kids enjoyed making and learning animal sounds and want to know more about the world they live in.

Literacy class was much more interesting today because they had a new phonic of the week phonic /e/ is for a yummy healthy egg. It was super fun tracing phonic /e/ ,and making e is for egg craft was also very impressive for the little ones. Here the kids showed their skills in expressive arts and design.

One! Two !! Three!!

Tighten your seat belts!!!

Ready for takeoff at rocket speed for a space adventure. The little astronauts of the skittles were on the adventure in space invading and exploring more about the space, today they found out more about Aliens, planets, and the beautiful stars that twinkle.Indeed the space travelers class was interesting today.

Where do the protein-filled eggs that are good for our health come from, the supermarket? Refrigerator? Farm?

Kids were on a research with the help of their teachers to solve the mystery.They were told a story about a hen from a far away place that laid eggs to make people happy. This was during their language and communication class and thereafter they had an outdoor play of picking up the eggs laid by chicken on the farm.Now they know that the eggs come from the farm and they learned more about the world. 

Group Name: Polly 

Little Pollys started their day by reviewing the letters.

Tracing letters- It’s a good way to enhance their fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

A great science activity was done today with the kids. They saw moving colors and they had so much fun.During this experiment, their communication and creative skills were put to work.Their Science skills were stimulated by this experiment

 Listening to stories is the best way to boost their communication and language skills.

Equal to the mental exercise, physical exercise is also important in the early years.

A bit of dance and a bit of play…. It was a good learning day today. 

Group Name: Seattles

Neighhhhhh……. Says the Horse!!!!

Lovely journey!

What an exciting ride they had.  The kids were amazed to know that they can go on a trip using a house. This activity was great for as it kept their minds at work and a great sensory play for them.

Seattles enjoyed being crazy designers.  They made an animal cage with straws and tissue rolls. They had the cage filled with different animals.  It was creative and fun for the kids.That was a great activity to observe the world and to know where their farm friends live.

Funky indoor games in which kids exercised a great deal.  They had to make sure an animal goes down.  They tried all they could do and succeed. This activity made them learn about being a winner and the joy it gives.

Yummy marshmallows can also be used to study.  Kids learned about letter k. They traced letter k with marshmallows. They made a kite craft. This is to their vocabulary and literacy skills.

An interactive learning day today…


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