White Fields Family wishes Mast. Azad Al Kurdi a very Happy 2nd Birthday. (Images attached below)

Group Name: Skittles  

Another busy day for our Skittles…

Warm up!

After a cool weekend, isn’t the time to be busy now?

Come on! Let’s start the day with exercise.

The gymnastics session was so good today and they had a great workout.

They started their day with warm up exercises, and they moved to various songs. It was a great exercise to start their day. That was to improve their physical development.

Do you know farm animals?

Little Skittles met a lot of visitors today in the class, namely horses, birds, cows, ducks, sheep, goats, and chickens. The children were very excited to see them all. They enjoyed counting and identifying the farm animals. This was good to learn counting and to know about their world around them.

During this activity, the children enjoyed designing the cow with the dots. They were able to identify the color of the cow. It was a fun MOO MOO day. This was to enhance their logical thinking skills.

Tracing tracing lines.

To enhance their fine motor skills children traced the line of number 7. The fine motor skills were put to work during this time.

Heeyah Heeyah riding a horse…

This was the perfect outdoor activity because children are very active Everybody got the chance to ride a horse and to reach the target line. Little faces sparkled and they enjoyed so much.

In the Arabic class they learned how to greet with, sabah al khayer- good morning.

reviewing letter(أ) sound (A),and by coloring letter.

Group Name: Polly 


There are five goats.

But only one camel?

During the Numeracy hour, kids did a number recognition activity. Kids visited a farm and counted animals. There we found one camel, three horses, four sheep, five goats and six cows.It was a cool activity and it made them recall what they have learned in Numeracy.

The kids were so involved with the astronaut paper craft. The minds of the kids wondered what the astronaut will be doing.This was a great activity for their eye and hand coordination and allowed the kids to use their fine motor skills. Also, this was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.


Well, you will hear the kids wishing you like this on Sunday mornings.

Their French class was very exciting. And now they know, that they can also greet others with  ‘Bonjour’ instead of Good morning.

Group Name: Seattles

Old  MacDonald had a farm, E I O E I O……..

Mowwwww says the cow!

Kids learned about the farm Animal ‘Cow’. With this they learned that it gives something which they use for their daily life -That is milk. This was a discovery activity and a good opportunity to know about their world around them.

It was an incredible science experiment with milk. Here recognition of early thinking in kids was at work as kids remembered that the milk, which they got from the cow can also be used for play.  They made a rainbow of many colors in the milk and were excited to have their cotton buds in the milk experiment.  Kids begin to build an understanding of how materials in their world work. This was a great activity to stimulate their science and creative skills.

Kids also visited a farm. It was an amazing farm with so many animals. The kids were curious to see other animals at the farm and the sounds those animals do make. This activity also enhanced social skills in kids as they communicated with one another about the sounds the animals make when they pick it up from the farm.

Kids were introduced to number  “6” and they made a craft of it. An activity to enhance their numeracy skills and fine motor skills.

In the Arabic Session, they learned number (1-2-3-4-5) in Arabic.

With matching game to learned some fruits name, apple (tofah) banana (mawz ) watermelon (batekh )

orange ( bortokal)

An enthusiastic day today.

White Fields Family wishes Mast. Azad Al Kurdi a very Happy 2nd Birthday.

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