World Wetlands Day-Images

White fields little ones joined with the rest of the world to learn, celebrate and sensitize the world about wetlands.

(To watch Video:

Did you know that UAE has beautiful wetlands where different birds species’ like Flamingos, swans thrive? Have you taken a time to appreciate the beautiful mangrove trees, water lilies, fish and frogs that live in wetlands? These all have  a positive impact on the ecosystem  and environment.

Happy wetlands (Happy Water) and Sad wetlands (Sad Water) were in the Nursery today to bring the theme of the day to the little ones. Here the White Fields team explained to the little ones that the wetlands keep smiling if they are preserved and taken good care of by the world, and they become sad if they are destroyed by people who dump garbage, endanger wetland creatures by building  and setting up factories near them.

The kids had a presentation of a song to emphasize their determination to keep the wetlands happy and smiling.

The little ones have taken this global the theme seriously-“WETLANDS FOR DISASTER RISK REDUCTION”

What about you?




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