Move and Freeze

White Fields Family wishes Baby. Maria a very Happy Birthday. (Images attached below)

Group Name: Skittles  

Why does honey go down in the glass?

Why does water stay on top?

Let’s see what Ms. Allenah is saying…

In the Science surfers class, the kids made a density tower. They mixed different ingredients and they learned that some of them were heavier than the other. Honey is heavier than water mixed with food color, liquid soap, and cooking oil. That’s why it was at the bottom of the tower. This was a good cognitive skill development experiment for the little ones.

Move and freeze,

Come on move and freeze… was the highlight song of our amazing fun day. During circle time kids enjoyed reviewing phonic /k/ words. Here they identified different phonic /k/ items and put them together. This was aimed at enhancing their literacy, language and communication skills.

During the Arts and crafts class, the kids made a caterpillar craft using circles on which different letters of their names were written by the teacher. Kids put them together and they were surprised to see that those were their names. This was aimed at teaching them how to spell. The activity was good for developing their literacy and knowing the world skills.

Balloon racing game was an awesome exercise for their muscles, holding friends’ hands backward while racing was great. They focused and exercised their entire body while playing with friends. This is good for their Physical, social and emotional development. 

Group Name: Polly  

Little Polly class started their day by reviewing numbers and phonics.

Tracing lines was a good activity to enhance their fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

Let’s explore nature!

Let`s see what can we find!

This activity made them excited.

Sliding and jumping,

spinning and bumping,

The bugs and insects had fun at the Insectarium.

And we had fun too!

Great way to learn about different types of insects.

Watch! Incy Wincy Spider jumping and bouncing at the highest.

They enjoyed every bit of the activity. This game was so much fun as they jumped over the grass and flowers. This is how the insects and the bugs play too.It was a good activity to develop Physical, social and emotional skills, and to know the life of the Insects and the bugs.

A great Science activity was done by the kids.The “Dancing gummy worm” Science experiment was great and interactive.Now they know the movement of the worm.It was lovely to involve kids in the activities and they had a wonderful experience.During this experiment communication and creative skills were put to work.

Group Name: Seattles

The Little Seattles had a question.

Do Insects eat too?

We will explore…

Awesome combination of human impact and insects. Kids had a dramatic play of insects dress up. The insects were in mutual competition in search for their own food. It was a great feast for the butterfly,  lady bug and the bee on the flowers and leaves. Kids learned about sharing as they shared their food among the hungry insects.

Fine motor skills were at work as kids enjoyed the targeting bee game today. They were so focused to drive the bee into his house.  This helped the kids to follow instructions as well as being able to aim at a target. 

 Seattles revised shapes with paper plates. They were excited to identify and their shapes and hand it over to the teacher.  This activity is apt to build up selective attention in them as they tried to listen carefully for their own shapes to be called out.

Expressive arts and design hour was fun for the kids as they decorated and made beautiful lego prints on the butterfly.

Another interactive day…



Baby. Maria’s  1st Birthday images

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