A Ribbon Challenge

Group Name: Skittles  

Is that a bug?

An insect?

Lady bug? Spider? Butterfly?worms?

Today the little investigators from Skittles went out on a bug and insect hunt. This was aimed at encouraging them to freely explore the environment and appreciate it in an open minded way through the imaginative play. This was in the knowing the world class. They had a good learning adventure and their cognitive skills were highly boosted.

Shapes and robots make a good learning combination for the little ones. Today the kids were happy to cross a ribbon challenge by jumping over it to paste their shapes on a friend’s robot. This was during their numeracy review class on shapes. It was a great activity for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

During the literacy class, they traced phonic/ k/ for kangaroo. This helped them to flex their hand, learn to focus.This was great to develop their fine motor skills.

Creativity at its best. Kids made a dragonfly craft during their arts and craft session.Here they learned more about insects, their colors, shapes and a few characteristics.

Blue, red and white are the colors that make the French flag. The skittles were happy to make a huge flag using the balloons, during their world wanderers class.They had so much fun playing with the balloons thereafter.

Group Name: Polly  

Super duper cute ladybugs!

Ladybugs are adorable!

Kids can’t seem to get enough of them!

It was an interesting bug tennis game today. It was a wonderful display of bug balloons as well as bug paper plates to use for the game. This activity helped them to acquaint themselves with their world as well as aspiration to win and putting on a sad face when their balloon drops. An interesting activity to boost their social skills.

Kids learned that lady bug has black spots so they found pleasure covering the white spots of letters with black dots. This was a good activity for them as well as being cognitively inclined as they had to think about how to cover all the white spots based on the letter called by the teacher.

Kids had a selective game in which they put their hands on the web and try to imagine what insect they picked up to give the teacher.  This was a great sensory and recognition activity for them.

Maths awareness and skills are necessary for kids as they grow. In that light, they revised number 1-5 by making a huge tower out of cups which were numbered. After which they decorated number five to have a proper mastery of the concept.

Group Name: Seattles

Scared of spider?

Today we saw a spider.

Learning about spiders has been so great. Kids were so busy trying to catch the spider and this was a good activity to develop their communication and language skills.

Learning by playing is a great way to boost the growing brains of the little ones.

Kids did a very good job matching ships with colors and they learned about objects as well as colors.This is how they learn about their world.

Kids at White Fields Nursery were on a trip around the world during their World wanderers class.

Today they visited a France. This trip has been a great learning adventure.

The little Pollys today got a chance to color the Eiffel tower. And guess..the colors they used? They used blue, red and white – colors of a French flag.

Good sensory play activity were kids learned more about the world that they live in.

An excellent experience today…



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