The Lost Spider

Group Name: Skittles  

Where is my mom?

Don’t cry…We will help you.

Incy wincy spider wanted to go back home to her mom in a web. The little ones helped her by clipping on a spider web after making a spider craft. This was done using their fine motor skills. Clipping is a great exercise to boost their concentration skills. 

We love Kangaroos…

Phonic /k/ for kangaroo. Little skittles class made a nice craft for /k/ is for kangaroo during their literacy lesson as a way of expressing their creativity and art skills.

They were happy to give kangaroo a tail, eyes and a head to hop around happily.

Kids were also happy to race and hop as kangaroos outdoors. It helped them in  Physical, Social and Emotional Development.

Space travelers were in outer space today. They reviewed the main planets. Kids were happy to paint the moon grey to differentiate it from the earth. Now they also know that the moon comes out at night and the sun during the day. The activity was good for their knowing the world skills.

Group Name: Polly  

The green Caterpillar was bored of its green dress…

Can we give her a new dress for some time?

Our Lego blocks helped us to make a very long caterpillar. It had a yellow head and a red body. It was a great activity to learn sorting colors and to learn colors. It helped to know about the patterns too.

Let`s make a straight line and let`s march!!! Left… right… left… right…

They notice that the hungry ants were moving busily in a straight line.

Also, they fed the hungry ants.

This game was a unique activity for children because it provides opportunities for kids to strengthen their Social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

They learned about ants and it helped them to know about the world we live in.

They learned about planets and visited the Moon.

A great Space Travel!

Group Name: Seattles

What can you see, in the sky?

Is it day or night?

The little space travelers learned about the sky. They gained knowledge about day and night with two bottles. One representing the day, which had blue sky and some glitters. The kids were excited to have it filled with stars. The other dark one with glitters to represent night. This activity promoted their cooperative skills as they were to do it one after the other. Also, it was an excellent activity to learn about space.

Fly Fly Fly the butterfly…

In the meadow is flying high,

In the garden is flying low…

Kids enjoyed the dramatic play of little butterflies flying low in the garden.

Learning the basic skills of counting and the order of numbers was mind refreshing for the kids. This was from 1 – 5. Furthermore, they sang while counting and kids counted pompoms on caterpillar numbers.

A practical learning day today…


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