Busy, Busy, Busy Bees

Group Name: Skittles  

Good start of the week.

We were busy, busy bees today.

Learning about bugs and insects had never been any funnier to study about than they were today. The Little skittles were super excited to pretend as Bumble bees, buzzing around a bee hive, counting the bees taking honey during their Bean Masters class. This was a good activity to develop their communication and language too.

It was much fun to play an insect guessing game, as a way of getting acquainted with the friendly insects. Kids were blindfolded, following a zigzag and a straight line to the hidden insects. This was so aimed to boost their knowledge about the world and to enhance their fine motor skills.

Tracing lines to form number six as a way of enhancing their writing skills and was also a good exercise for their wrists to develop their fine motor skills.

They visited their gym today to stretch and build their muscles. This was good for their brains and general healthy body development.

During their Arabic session, they learned the first letter of the Arabic alphabet which is A-Alef and they listened to the alphabet song.

Group Name: Polly   

Welcome ants…

Did you know?… Ants are very strong for their size and they can lift over 50 times their own weight.

During our ant craft, they gave them eyes and they become their friends. Such a good activity for developing their communication and language skills and also to stimulate their creativity.

They visited the garden today. There they found a lot of different flowers and a lot of bugs and insects. They saw caterpillar, grasshopper, ant, cockroach, butterfly…

Let`s find an insect!

Jump left, go right and look there…

I can see a butterfly… and I can see a bee…

Let`s blow them!!! I can do this… I will win this game!!!

Children`s physical development was put to work during this game.

Group Name: Seattles

It’s here…

It’s hiding there…

They are our insect friends.

Kids learned about insects today.  They looked at the different kinds of insects and found how big and small they were. Kids enjoyed moving on the spider web.  It was a gross motor activity in which kids practiced following instructions while playing the fun spooky game.

Hula hoop scoring with a ball was very interesting and fun for the kids. It was a physical training game which gave an opportunity for kids to improve their speed and strength as they endured to the end to score.

Kids reviewed letter /c/. In order to have a mastery of the concept,  a caterpillar balloon craft was made. It was fun for them as they love balloons and the colorful decorations.This was an excellent activity to boost their creativity.

During their numeracy class, the kids had a butterfly puzzle game in which they had to recognize the wings of the butterfly based on the numbers put on it. It was good for recognition and recalling of numbers.

Arabic Learning was interesting today.

They listened to the number song.

A great learning today…


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