Hungry Dinosaur

Group Name: Skittles  

Have you ever seen a big Dinosaur egg?

Today during their numeracy class they saw different Dino eggs laid on the floor with shapes written on them. Kids did a good job matching shapes corresponding to different eggs, and they learned about shapes as well as colors.

Two of the Dinosaur friends visited today and they fed them.They learned about different kinds of food they eat because it is very important for them to learn more about their Dino friends before they fed them. This boosted their science skills and knowing the world ideas.     .

Our fine motor skills were put to use when painting Dinosaurs and practicing how to write their names. It was good for their wrist muscles so good, and this was a good coordination between the hand muscles and the brain.

Storytime! Storytime!

It was great listening to a story by narrated by Ms. Allenah about “ROOROO the little dinosaur”. Listening to stories is an  extremely good practice because it boosts their language and communication skills.

Kids surely had a wonderful time  learning more about the world we live in

Group Name: Polly   

Where can we store all these Dino eggs?

Under the tree? No….

In the cave?


They helped him to put all the eggs in the cave and that was very good for their physical development.

New number today…

They counted 6 with various things. They identified number 6 and colored 6 butterflies. A good activity to learn number 6, and to develop numeracy skills.

Their motor skills were put on to work in Expressive Arts and Design class. They were very busy trying to put all shapes on the ribbon. And at the end it was great.


My necklace is very nice… I have a red circle, blue rectangle, yellow triangle and a green square. Now I can put it around my neck…

Can you hear this?!

‘I can hear!!!’… ‘Sounds like a dinosaur’…

He came to visit them today. It was a very big blue dinosaur.

‘Can we give a beautiful dress for the Dino friend?’

They played and enjoyed and at the end of the day, they gifted the dinosaur with a beautiful dress that had a lot of yellow and orange spots.

Great creative activity…

Group Name: Seattles

Hop on 1,

Hop on 2…

Kids enjoyed learning about their world of numbers by doing some hopping on feet to get to a number.It was great to recognize the numbers and to develop numeracy skills.

Kids had fun during their expressive arts and design class during which they had their hand prints to complete the parts of the dinosaur. They learned the colors and it is true that their involvement gave them a great learning experience.

Running! Running to be the first to get an alphabet and give it to the teacher.  This activity involved kids having their dinosaur mask on and running as fast as they could.  This activity was good for their physical development as well as to improve their literacy skills.

And with this, they bid farewell to their dinosaur friends as the theme ‘Dinosaurs’ came to an end today…

Happy weekend!

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