Rainbow Science

Group Name: Skittles  


The biggest animals that ever lived on planet earth…

The little Skittles today got a chance to fit their shoes in a huge dinosaur footprint. It was too huge that it swallowed all their shoes and those of the teachers too. Good sensory play activity, where kids learned about the big and small concept and knowing more about the world that they live in.

The Magic milk experiment was another great way for the kids to put their Science skills to work. They made an imaginary rainbow based on their assumption by mixing colors and milk. The activity stimulated their creativity.They really enjoyed their Science Surfers class because they always to explore new scientific facts.

Clip it, clip it! Unclip it!

Run, dig for it!

It was a great digging up activity for sight words following given phonics. They did so well with recognition of the letters and matching items. This was aimed at boosting their vocabulary and literacy skills.

Making big number five dinosaur craft was an awesome activity to end the day by counting our favorite make-believe friends- the dinosaurs.

Group Name: Polly   

Who is going to feed me today?

Who is that?

Their dear dinosaur visited them today. On his back, he had a lot of letters and they tried to recognize them. This was a very good activity for the kids’ motor skills, Literacy and physical development.

After a long travel, he was so hungry and they fed him with balls of different colors.

One, Two, Three….. Six.

And his stomach was full.

During the Literacy hour, the kids learned the phonic/k/ and ‘k’ for kite. And all remembered the wonderful kite festival. A memorable rewind…

This game was very good to develop their Numeracy and Communication skills, as they counted and learned the colors too.

It was lovely to see lots of letters “k” in the air. Some of them were yellow, some green, some red and some blue.

A great colorful activity indeed…

Group Name: Seattles


Where are you?

In the ice?

Kids searched for their dinosaur today during the Science session. They melted the ice with salt and were so excited to find the dinosaur when the ice melted. The dinosaur was hiding in the ice. Naughty dinosaur!… The activity was a good one to enhance their scientific knowledge and to know more about this world.


Says the cat. It was all about letter /c/ today. Kids reviewed letter c by assembling all the parts of the cat. The literacy session was so cute today as they assembled and made cute cats. This was great for their motor skills and their literacy improvement.

Who doesn’t like bowling?

Everyone likes and our kids too.

Kids revised numbers during one of their favorite games bowling. They were excited to put down the numbers and say it out loud.  An interesting Numeracy activity to learn about Numbers.

They sorted colors with dinosaurs.  Kids had dinosaurs of different colors to put in the basket of its respective color. This showed how fast their little minds do work.Sorting is an important skill that they should acquire during their Early Years.This was an excellent activity to acquire their sorting skills.

Again…Another interesting learning day with our dinosaur friend…

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