Time travel to Dinosaur’s Cave-Images

Group Name: Skittles  

All on board…

Let’s go…

Today the little Skittles traveled back in time to the Jurassic period. During their adventure, they found a dinosaur cave and followed the dinosaur footprints, numbered one to ten.

This was an awesome way to enhance their numeracy skills, appreciating nature, expressive arts as well as knowing the world. Such an amazing activity in the eyes of the little ones and their involvement was indeed priceless.

They further recalled their trip to France and made a nice Eiffel tower craft, during their World Wanderers class using glue and straws. There they toned different colors of straws to form a beautiful building, in which they showed their creativity and expressive arts.

During their numeracy session, kids traced number ‘5’ on paper using triangular pencils which are good for helping kids to learn pencil control.

Group Name: Polly

Welcome to the dinosaur world.

Do you know who were there?


The Little Polly class visited the dinosaur world today. In the middle of the dinosaur world, they saw a volcano and today that volcano was active… very active.

The activity was a nice one to improve their Science skills.

During the Numeracy class, they counted the little dinosaurs and sorted it out.

Puzzles –They are excellent to stimulate the young brains.

Where should I put this piece?

What will be there?

Full of curiosity in the eyes of the kids.

Here… Now it’s a big dinosaur.

Dinosaur puzzle was a very good activity to develop kids’ motor skills.

Children`s communication and language skills were put to work during the Arabic lesson. Today they learned words car and fish during  their Arabic session today.

Group Name: Seattles

Kids enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs.


Kids had a big egg to crack open.

What is inside?

They wondered… but were busy trying to open.


It’s a baby dinosaur.

They were amazed as they opened and played with the tiny dinosaurs.

‘I am inside dinosaurs teeth!’

‘Did he eat me?’

The activity was good to improve their communication and language skills and to know about their world.

During their outdoor play, they revised numbers by washing some numbered dinosaurs. They were excited to call out the number and then they washed with their sprays.

Kids ended up reviewing Shapes and phonic /c/. They learned how to assemble things together. They put some little circles to make a caterpillar. This was a good activity to learn vocabulary and to develop their fine motor skills.

At White Fields kids safety, fun, learning, proper growth and enjoyment has no limits.

A thrilling day today…

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