Galaxy in a bottle

Group Names: Skittles

Sailing, Sailing, Sailing under the sea, 

Saw some fish friends, sharks and turtles…

Guess what we sailed on today?

 It was a submarine! Hurray! So much fun!

The kids had a great learning adventure about water transport and pretending to be on a submarine, and it was so much fun during their Knowing the world hour. 

Drive! Drive!

It’s my turn… 

Wait for your turn… 

A good way of learning phonics through play. They learned about phonic /c/ for car and it was a great opportunity for their little brains to master the phonics whilst playing with their toys, in their literacy class. They actually developed their social and emotional skills because they played taking turns. 

Tracing phonic /c/ was also beneficial for practicing pencil control and encouraging their confidence in writing and tracing which enhanced their fine motor skills and creative growth. 

In their Space Travelers class, kids enjoyed making their imaginary galaxy in a bottle using the glitters. It was so amazing because they enjoyed the twinkling stars.

It was a great first Islamic class for the little ones. They started with  ‘Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim’. 

They sang two songs and danced with them for easy memorization  (Mohamad Nabina and Bism Allah) They watched a short story to know when they use Bismillah and why.

Other kids enjoyed moral lessons.

Group Name: Polly

Today little Polly class started the class singing the wheels on the bus.

Phonics started with Introducing letter ‘k’ for key… 

Children picked a straw from the box and stuck it on letter ‘k’.

That was an interesting activity to learn letter ‘K’ and to remember it.

Today the little pilots were busy with an outdoor activity in a plane. The teacher introduced to them an example of air transportation.They enjoyed sitting on a plane while saying goodbye to other classmates who were seated. 

Car made by blocks?

Interesting… It was an awesome experience while building a car made by lego blocks. Everyone wanted to stack colored lego to design a car.

Future designers?


Children were excited to shoot the rings in the stick.They are all were eager to participate in this classroom activity.

Group Name: Seattles

Where do all our dirty and leftover candies go?

The Garbage truck carries it away!

Kids learned about garbage truck today as they put in some letters while it passed along their way. They had a great time learning phonics and to know about their world around them.

Legos are used in various ways.  Kids used them to build a road. It was lovely to see them follow the taped lines to make a road. It was a good opportunity to boost their creativity. They learned how to follow instructions.

Kids enjoyed when they created a moon surface in their Space Travelers class.  

Thrilling car racing today. How far can your car go?  Kids were excited to see their cars go as far as the highest number, which was number 5. They learned to recognize number 5.

An interesting learning experience today…


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