‘Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!’

Group Name: Skittles-Teacher: Ms. Allenah Lubega  

Train, bus, car… always kids’ favorites…

The Kids were introduced to travel and transportation theme.

They were at one of the ADNOC  washing bays. During their Bean Masters class, they counted a number of cars, driving on the hallway and hence learning about road transport.

During the numeracy class, kids flexed their wrists tracing big and small number five. This is a good exercise for developing their fine motor skills.

Playing a ‘Chugga Chugga Choo Choo’ train game indoors was also a good way to develop our Physical, social and emotional skills.

They were serious in their learning mission of learning numbers, letters and trying to gather knowledge about their Transportation theme.

Group Name  : Polly-Teacher: Ms. Menita Alibabic  




The kids learned the very important part of Transportation theme. This outdoor activity made them excited.

‘Curly caterpillar wants his tea, wants his tea’…

It was a happy sing and dance session. Polly kids wore colored crowns and marched, while singing this song. This was an exciting activity as they learned colors, and numbers when they put their fingerprints on their corresponding numbers.

Little Polly class started their day by reviewing phonics, using phonics dice. Each of them threw the dice enthusiastically and identified the letter by matching the pictures.

Lastly, the sand outdoor activity wherein the teacher introduced bulldozer, cement mixer and truck sand loader for building road.

That was great for them to know there are more vehicles apart from car, bus etc…

Great learning indeed…

Group Name  : Seattles-Teacher: Ms. Vaneesa Anong

Can we go this way?


We can go by this way…

Kids enjoyed learning about transport by using toy cars on map roads carved out in a little city as a dramatic play center. They drove their cars with numbers and packed to its respective parking number.  That was a great activity to learn about Transportation, as a part of knowing their world. Also, the parking exercise was good to recognize the numbers.

Kids also enjoyed the transport theme by reviewing number 5 by driving their cars on the number 5  shaped road. 

Kids hopped on phonics to enhance their phonic skills. As the involvement increases the kids learn faster. This was shown by this hopping activity. 

C is for  Caterpillar.  This activity was carried out today during Expressive Arts and Design class, as kids used balloon to make letter c.  

The Arabic classes were interactive, as they learned about welcoming others.


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