A Lovely Nature Party

The kids after a busy learning week, had a great, open, nature learning experience today.

The more we get together, the happier we become!

How  wonderful it was for the White Fields family kids to get together playing and learning together during our Nature party that summed up our plants theme

Have you ever seen a running flower, a tree, and a bush? Kids put their Physical, Social and Emotional skills and motor skills to work during their beautiful nature racing competition. Run! Run! as fast as you can! These words were from behind when they cheered their friends.

It was so great having wonderful classroom portrait pictures, smiles on the little (Skittles, Seattles and Polly class) class faces at our nature booth stall.

Kids had fun painting on trees with bottles.  It was a wonderful expressive arts and design plant.  Building with cups and popsicles was an interesting way to showcase their designing structures.

It’s always fun having our faces painted and this was not an ordinary face paint, it was a nature painting close to Mr. Mushroom and family. A good way to close up our plants theme.

A Lovely Nature party…

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