Harvest Festival-Part II-Thai Pongal-Images

And there was a WOW!  in the eyes of the kids in the morning.

‘We have never seen!’…

‘A farm’.

Project ‘Krishi’


We had a great harvest.

Nature Shares and we too…

The White Fields Nursery kids had a Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival.

Yesterday was a Special day in a few countries, where the harvest, the farmers and the nature is honored in different ways with different names.

It was a great experience for the kids in the White Fields Farm Yesterday. The environment was awesome and  the children enjoyed  in the farm. They packed the rice and vegetables, what the nature had shared with them. The tiny little hands packed the harvest and the little hearts were ready to share them.

And they did!

They went to the laborers working nearby and shared their share.

What an experience in the young age!

Definitely they will continue sharing in the future.

And festival without games?!…

No way…

They were so excited to take part in the games.

And the Project ‘Krshi’ will continue as ‘Learning the Nature’ sessions.

Special Appreciations to the team of White Fields Nursery and especially to the Creative Team.

Once again…

‘You’ve rocked’…

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